Time for a Retro Chat on HTF: Richard Sharpe

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Peter Overduin, Jan 19, 2002.

  1. Peter Overduin

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    I think it would be really interesting to have a chat on HTF with former Circuit City CEO Richard Sharpe. The DIVX fiasco galvanized the internet HT community in a way that, from where sit, had much to do with its demise. He may be in a position now to talk about the DIVX issue now in a way that would be interesting for those of us who participated in the campaign against it. Some questions I would ask:

    In retrospect; how influential do you think the internet community was in the demise of DIVX?

    What were the long term goals of DIVX - I mean, where did you see DIVX would be 10 years later?

    How did the studios REALLY feel about the concept?

    In retrospect; would it have been better for you to lauch DIVX prior to March 1997? In other words, was the timing off?

    Did you personally follow the internet community's reaction to DIVX - aka the HTF, Digital Bits, etc?

    How would you do DIVX differently?

    Do you see a similar type of format re-surfacing? I mean by that a format that denies the consumer ownership rights of the physical property even if not the film or music on the disk?
  2. Robert Dunnill

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    Corporate confidentiality agreements prohibit anyone who was privy to the inner secrets of the Divx organization from ever revealing them in public, and my sources tell me that Rick Sharp has his own reasons for wanting to keep a lid on the matter.

    Answers to some of your questions can be pieced together from the public and private sources that are available, while others are known only to Rick Sharp himself and will likely remain so.

    Cheers, RD
  3. Carl Johnson

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    Carl III
    I think you would be more likley to get Jerry Krause to hold a press conference with a panel of Bulls fans telling his side of why he felt it necessary to dismantle the team.

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