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    lets say there are two different speakers with the same tweeters. are they timbre matched?

    i bought boston vr-m50, but i want to use vr910 center instead. are they timber matched? i am still waiting for a reply from bostonacoustics though.
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    I can't comment on how well those particular Boston Acoustic speakers match one another, but...

    Unfortunately, whether or not a speaker's timbre matches your other speakers depends on more than just the size of the tweeter. Among other things, it depends on the precise models of the drivers in the cabinet, the crossover networks used to divide the frequencies among them. It'll also be affected by the design of the cabinet itself, including how the drivers are arranged. Just to complicate things, the same speaker turned on its side will sound different from when it's upright. And, of course, the acoustics of your room will make a difference, too.

    While you can take someone's word that one speaker's timbre matches another's (and they may be close), the best comparison is with your own ears in your own room.


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