THX Re-Eq and recent re-mixed New Line releases

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    The recent New Line releases on DVD has a soundtrack that has been re-mixed for home theatre by Mi Casa Multimedia. A complete list of re-mixed titles can be found at their online site, however the titles includes
    Thirteen days
    Lost Soulds
    Little Nicky
    Dungeons and Dragons
    The Cell
    ( )
    A bit in the Dolby Digital bitstream can be set to indicate that the mix is done for a small room and thus no THX Re-Equalization should be used to compensate as for ordinary theatrical mixes done for a large room (x-curve).
    I'm looking for opinons wheter the New Line discs has this bit set to "small room" and wheter the THX mode on your gear actually looks at this bit. Theres no way for a consumer to check the bit so a any results will need both conditions to be active I guess.
    So; if you have a home theatre receiver or processor with THX mode and any of the re-mixed New Line discs listed above or at the Mi Casa website; could you please listen to a section on the disc in both regular Dolby Digital mode and THX mode and post your impresioun wheter the Re-Eq is activated in THX mode or not (if it is it will give a subtle attenuation of the high frequencies).
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    Is this the same Espen from Norway that helped me out with an AC-3 upgrade to a Pioneer CLD-704 years ago?
    If so, Thanks again, It is still running great!

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