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THX Certification For DLP Announced (1 Viewer)

Jeff Williams

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Jul 21, 2000
Products from Avica, Barco, Boeing and Technicolor Digital Cinema certified.
SAN RAFAEL, CA, May 1, 2002 - Lucasfilm THX® today announced a first-generation certification program for digital cinema products, and also announced that the first products to be certified under the new program are from Avica Technology, Barco, The Boeing Company and Technicolor Digital Cinema. THX certification of these products will assure high quality digital presentations for future digital cinema releases.
"THX is committed to playing a leading role in digital cinema, and this new certification program is a helpful step toward making digital cinema a market reality," said Tim Schafbuch, Director, THX Digital Cinema. "These THX certified products will provide the industry with the assurance that digital cinema systems will deliver on their promised benefits, and at the same time assure the highest presentation quality."
The THX digital cinema program establishes performance and quality levels for digital systems as well as individual digital cinema components, including projectors and servers. The first products to be certified are the Avica FilmStore™ servers, the Barco D-Cine Premiere DLP Cinema™ projector, the Boeing ICE (In Cinema Equipment), and Technicolor Digital Cinema’s Auditorium Management System™.
"We are pleased to be the first server manufacturer to commit to the THX digital cinema certification program," commented Avica Technology’s President/CEO Andy Maltz. "Avica’s FilmStore™ servers are designed specifically for digital cinema applications, and we have long been committed to the establishment of industry standards, interoperability, as well as the highest levels of quality and reliability. The THX certification program is a major step toward these goals and will benefit exhibitors, distributors, filmmakers, and most importantly, the audience."
"THX has a long history as a powerful force in the continuous improvement of the movie-viewing experience," said Sjoerd De Clerck, Managing Director, Barco Digital Cinema. "So we welcome THX participation in helping digital cinema achieve its full quality potential. Barco is very pleased to be able to offer the Barco D-Cine Premiere, the highest quality digital cinema projector, and now the first THX certified projector."
Commenting on THX certification of the Boeing system, Frank Stirling, Executive Director of Boeing Digital Cinema, said, "We have absolute confidence in the ability of our system to deliver high-quality, error-free and highly secure film distribution and presentation. But now, rather than just take our word for it, we have the added credibility of THX certification. In fact, we feel strongly that the extension of THX certification into the digital cinema field will fuel interest in the technology and stimulate the market."
"Technicolor Digital Cinema is committed to supporting the digital transformation of Hollywood. The combination of Technicolor’s 80-year legacy of service to the industry and QUALCOMM’s leading edge technology allow us to bring one of the most trusted names in the movie industry to this new era of digital cinema," said Ken Williams, President of Technicolor Digital Cinema. "We are pleased to be recognized by THX as having achieved the level of quality necessary to meet the demanding standards of this organization and praise the Lucas companies for their vision and leadership as they continue their effort to assure the highest possible quality of presentation in movie theatres worldwide."
The THX digital cinema certification program encompasses virtually every factor that affects performance, including the compression, encryption, transmission, all aspects of projector performance, as well as reliability and operational issues. The program does not specify a delivery method, so allows certification of satellite and fiber optics delivery systems such as Boeing’s, as well as DVD-based systems or those that deliver content via some other means.
"Digital cinema is a complex technology with plenty of opportunities for image quality to be compromised," explained Dave Schnuelle, Director of Technology, THX Digital Cinema. "The overriding goal with the THX digital cinema certification program is to deliver the highest level of image and sound quality, and do so consistently over a long period of time."
The THX Division of Lucasfilm Ltd. is dedicated to achieving superior presentation quality in theatres and homes through its unique certification program and services. The THX Theatre Program works with the exhibition and post-production community around the world to deliver the ultimate cinema experience by building certified theatres that adhere to comprehensive and proprietary THX standards. Most recently, THX has extended this unique expertise into the emerging digital cinema marketplace and now offers a menu of solutions designed to help leading edge distributors and exhibitors enter the new world of digital cinema presentation.
THX Certified Digital Cinema Products
Avica Filmstore™ A500 Single Screen Server
Avica Filmstore™ A550 Multiplex Cache Server
Avica Filmstore™ A2900 Multiplex Central Server
Avica Technology Corporation
Contact: Don Bird, 310.450.9090
Barco D-Cine Premiere DLP Cinema Projector
Barco Digital Cinema
Contact: Sjoerd De Clerck, +32 56 36 86 06
Boeing Digital Cinema
The Boeing Company
Contact: Fernando Vivanco, 562.810.6537
Technicolor Digital Cinema’s Auditorium Management System™
Technicolor Digital Cinema
Contact: Dana Banks, 805-383-3223
I could be wrong but I think some of the components are already in use in DLP theaters. If so, think it could be possible to have them certified before May 16th? I doubt it, but we can dream I guess.


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Dec 11, 2001
I don't doubt there'd be THX certification for everything. I think THX can be good and bad. The certification process for home audio is flawed. I've seen come crap home gear that had no business being certified. And it would have been if it wasn't for the money. THX DVDs have a pretty good track record, so for that, it's fine. For theaters, THX has done a great job in getting theaters up to snuff. So it doesn't surprise me to see this.

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