THX and the value of quality control

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    I agree with Fritz, about the Robert A. Harris on film preservation. THX, is mind control thingy it’s good that it insures quality at the cinema.

    We might as all well have two DVD players one loaded up with a six-track Amazing Life “deep tone” to play and wow friends alike!

    Then wait for it to fade to black and then switch over to DVD 2 player for main feature.

    When you think about some of the small titles that have had the THX intro on it and so on etc, etc and why doesn’t Lawrence of Arabia have THX stamped on it!

    I believe Lawrence of Arabia 70mm Dolby SR was played at the Warner West End London many moons back in THX sound system before the cinema was remodelled into 9 screen multiplex.

    I was fortunate enough to see it at the Odeon Marble Arch, London, on what was the largest screen in the UK around 1988.

    Make the film transfer as close to the 35mm/70mm what ever to DVD or other and get rid of that god awful edge enhancement for once! That is one thing you’d never see on film.

    Well I did see a digital version of The Spy Who Loved Me at the Empire Leicester Square last year and I could have stood up and raised my voice!

    35mm70mm Rules! Okay some digital films are getting better but TSWLM please I can only dread what the son of the third edition looks like which is why I’ve laid off paying anymore of the same title that I already have.

    Plus the sound mix went cockeyed half way though, not the fault of Empire it was lousy digital print!
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    THX meant alot more to me in the Laserdisc days

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