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Thunderbirds Are Go / Thunderbird 6 (1 Viewer)

Brent Avery

Supporting Actor
Feb 19, 2002
Another two dvds I managed to get my hands on but have not watched yet - hopefully that will be tonight. It mentions OARs of 2:35 for both films - enhanced of course ( Thankyou MGM ). It also says Technicolor on the packaging - but I will assume that this only means it was processed by them - not the original 3 strip which was of course much more expensive. Just wondering what film stock was used and whether having Technicolor involved meant anything in regard to film quality - any insight on this? I am hoping the dvds end up looking great - I'll be using a 107" 2:35 screen and will report on the image quality as soon as possible.

John Whittle

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 22, 2004
The last 3-strip Technicolor camera used to make 3-strip scenes would have been in 1954 or 55 at the latest. The camaeras were converted for special effects work (Disney used them for their sodium screen for the red-blue screen in flubber) and Technirama and Vistavision (the Searches was shot with a converted 3-strip camera).

So Thunderbirds are a bit "too new" to have a 3-strip negative. Also the 3-strip cameras were never used for Cinemascope (problems with back focus, prisms and lenses).

Technicolor continued to do IB printing in the the 1970s with a short revival in the 90s. However IB prints DO NOT make good transfers since the contrast of a projection print is not ideal for telecine work. Usually IPs (Interpositives--an orange based positive film that is used to make duplicate negatives) is the source for telecine.

Technicolor was a fine lab and has excellent control, but so do other labs and the biggest problem in theatrical release comes from high speed positive printing and developing neither of which matter in making an IB and a telecine transfer.

So I guess the "Technicolor" just means it was on the original release poster.

(There is no RED that matches the Technicolor IB RED).


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