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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Mark Cappelletty, Sep 22, 2001.

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    My Three Stooges query kind of got lost in the bigger Abbott & Costello thread (save for Mark Zimmer's response). With the exception of the first disc, I've been pretty happy with all of Columbia's Three Stooges comps, but curious about the public domain titles. Mark indicated that a number of these are PD because the copyright notice was inadvertently left off the prints themselves, but will Columbia still release these or am I going to be forced to pick up some of the cruddy Madacy versions further down the road?
    God bless the Three Stooges.
  2. Rob W

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    Columbia did do a restoration and release of the (non-Stooge) public domain feature HIS GIRL FRIDAY a few years ago so they obviously don't have a bias against releasing P.D. titles if they think they will sell.
    Unfortunately, there are dozens of copyrighted Stooges shorts that have never been released in any home format , so we really don't know if the p.d. titles weren't lucky enough to make the cut or were eliminated BECAUSE of their p.d. status.
  3. rutger_s

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    Madacy makes the best versions of the currently available public domain Three Stooges shorts, and that is saying a lot.
    The Platinum Entertainment DVDs cut out footage from some of the shorts and worse is incorrectly framed. Madacy looks to have used the television transfers as the framing is better.
    I recommend opting ONLY for the Madacy versions of the currently available public domain Three Stooges shorts. They go for around $10.00 for all of them.
    And I am sure that Columbia Tri-Star may try to reobtain the rights to the remaining public domain shorts. They did get back Disorder In The Court but the others might take a little longer. Although there is little difference between the Madacy version and the "restored" Columbia Tri-Star version.
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  4. Jesse Skeen

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    I just got a Goodtimes disc (for $5) with the same public domain shorts that are on the Madacy and Platinum discs, haven't had time to check out how the quality is though.

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