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Apr 19, 2003
I'm needing to upgrade my pre/pro and this is just about the top of my budget range. I listen to probably 60/40 percent movies to music. Who has any experience with the Sunfire? Thanks

Dave Moritz

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Jul 7, 2001
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Dave Moritz
Hello Mitchkel

I do not currently own any Sufire gear but from what I have seen at HT stores and the CES show in Las Vegas. The Sunfire is a very nice choice. The build quality and audio quality is very nice. Its video passthough is more than HD programming needs. Like the Denon AVR-5803 the Sunfire video is rated at 100MHz video bandwith. It is a very solid pre/pro and the 7.1 surround processing adds to the 6.1 and 5.1 source matterial currently available. I currently own a Yamaha RX-V995 5.1 DD/DTS reviever and I am also looking at upgrading my receiver to a higher end pre/pro or flagship reciever depending on my budget and what features I want. I currently have a Sony S9000 ES DVD/SACD player that only does stereo SACD. So my delema is finding a pre/pro that will allow me to have both multi channel SACD and DVD-A. One multi channel input will be enough if I can find a multi format player that sonically sound as good as a high end peice. Other wise I might end up with the flagship Denon AVR-5803 monster reciever. This reciever is like a pre/pro with built in amplifiers. The Denon 5803 has assignable amplifires so you can use then for other rooms when using seperate amplifiers for the main zone, wireless docking station for the remote control, dual 8 channel inputs, adjusable crossovers, 100 MHz video bandwith, 3 zone capability and assignable digital inputs so you can configure the reciever around what digital sources you have instead of what is prepackaged. I beleiver the Sunfire GT3 also has assignable digital inputs as well. I would seriously look at the following brands just to make sure you are not limiting your options.

Adcom GTP-860 pre/pro
Sunfire GT3 pre/pro
B&K Ref50 pre/pro
Denon AVR-5803 reciever, ya I know, lol its a reciever but its built like a tank and the features and flexability :D
you may want to check out the Rotel pre/pro but some people find it alittle bright for them?

I give the Sunfire Grand Theater 3 :emoji_thumbsup:

let us know what you end up with :)

Pierre G

Apr 7, 2003
Also consider the Anthem AVM 20 and Aragon Stage One preamps, and let us know what happens.

Among all of the above, I am seriously considering to upgrade from my Sony STR-777ES to either the B&K Ref 50 or the Anthem AVM 20.

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