Thoughts on new PE/Dayton 12" Titanic MKII?

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    Oct 7, 2001
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    any thoughts on this new driver? here's the link:
    i don't think it's shipping yet, but everyone's getting excited on the PE Tech Talk board about this sucker. Looks like the took the old titanic, upgraded to a cast aluminum frame, rubber surround, and then tweaked it a bit.
    Specs are impressive to me, but i don't exactly know a whole lot [​IMG] Looking for some other opinions...
  2. Patrick Sun

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    Quick and dirty WinISD yields a critically damped Qtc=0.707 with a sealed enclosure with 2.75 ft^3 of volume. F3=35Hz, but F10 around 21Hz, throw in some room gain, it won't sound half-bad, and a littler "tighter" than a venter sub.

    Going vented:

    Tuned to 20Hz, internal volume 5.65 ft^3 (160 liter), one 4" port 11.5" long will most likely be your ideal setup for this driver. F3 would wind up around 20Hz as well.

    Actually stuff the enclosure might allow you to get away with reducing the internal volume by 25% with 4 pounds of polyfill. But the tuning length might be slightly affect (shorter port).

    It appears on paper to be a decent bargain for such a robust looking driver for $150.
  3. Kyle Richardson

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    Jan 1, 1998
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    Unfortunately, it is not shipping yet. It was supposed to arrive on the 1st of February with the 10" version but there were quality control problems with the 12" version and they were all sent back. The 10's are in stock and really look like a nice 10" driver.

    Jack, I agree that they should have called it something different because it is really nothing like the original Titanic. The MkII is a much more versatile driver than the original since it can be used in fairly small boxes up to large, ported or sealed, etc. The original was really only designed for a sealed enclosure.

    It really looks to be a bargain at ~$150.00 but I just wish they would arrive!

    Kyle Richardson

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