Thomas Dolby UK Collector's Editions coming out in Canada!

Discussion in 'Music' started by Will_B, Aug 2, 2009.

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    FYI, save your money and wait a few weeks -- the remastered & expanded UK Collector's Editions of Thomas Dolby's "Golden Age of Wireless" and "The Flat Earth" are coming out in Canada soon and are up for preorder on This will be easier and perhaps a dollar or two cheaper than importing from the UK. Additionally, the rating logo that mars the cover of "Golden Age of Wireless" (due to the presence of the bonus DVD) should be gone as well, since that logo isn't needed in Canada.

    So far however there is no indication that the single's collection "The Singular Thomas Dolby" will make it to Canada. It remains an expensive import. Which sucks, because there are some radio edits on there that I want.

    I've received the UK edition of "Golden Age of Wireless" so far, and the sound quality is much improved over the 1983 CD. Of course the track list is a bit different, since the new edition restores the original running order and then adds as bonus tracks the various other songs or versions that have sometimes been present on the various different vinyl and cassette editions. Fortunately all this restructuring was done by Thomas Dolby himself, so it is well-considered. The bonus DVD is the "Live Wireless" concert that you may remember seeing bits of on Night Flight or other early-1980s music video programs. The DVD is in NTSC regardless of whether you buy the UK or the Canada version -- EMI in the UK has been releasing all its DVDs in NTSC lately on the expectation of selling to Americans.
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    Great update to a truly classic and forgotten record. I used to own this on vinyl, and then on CD, but this new, expanded version with bonus tracks, and the Live Wireless show as well, is super! Also recently got the Singular Thomas Dolby, which was great fun, some videos I hadn't actually seen before there, and I can finally retire my old VHS of his videos :)

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