This story is kind of funny...

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    How NOT to win back an ex-boyfriend with cologne, an onion, and a photograph:
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    shouldn't the healer be able to heal her wounds?
    Maybe this was the plan all along: the woman gets burned generating a feeling of sympathy in the ex, he realizes she must love him alot to go thru this and the ex returns to the woman. The folk healer then gets his money for job well done.[​IMG]
    On a serious note, these healers are dangerous. A woman I know went to one of these healers because her kidneys hurt. Told her to sleep on a bed of dirt with an iron pyramid with gemstones hanging off of it (wich he sold her). She did this for a few weeks and almost died from kidney failure. We got her to the hospital in time, but to this day she says our "negative energy" was the reason the iron pyramid and dirt failed her. ( Its funny that her psychic healer didnt see the danger when I was knocking on his door[​IMG] )_

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