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Jun 14, 2004
Well...not that I've every posted but I've lurked for some time. Got a lot of great tips from the more hardcore enthusiast out there which are truly appreciated.

Man some of you guys have some serious set-ups. Something to aspire to.

Like many, I was on a very limited budget having one income/ new house/ new kid. Gettting it pass the wife was about 50% of the effort put into the project. Once that was done I could start.

I already had a Pioneer VSX33 Elite something or other. I didn't research much of anything on speakers but I used to love Paradigm so I bought the CC170, Titans for all four corners and a PDR10 (I know there were better options). I got all that at one store for $1500. Not bad in my books. Not many deals to be had on Paradigm.

Other than that I have a plain old cd/dvd Pioneer something, TIVO - (the original) and use Leapfrog to throw the same signals upstairs through a telephone wire....again not ideal but I liked that idea better than wireless. It works fine for the wife's TV. I digress.

Anyways I thought I'd share my room with you guys. As many others it is a basement HT. I consider it more of a TV room. I have a Panny 53". Yup there is better out there but I got it about a year ago for $1500 delivered into the house and at the end of the day I'm happy with the picture. I'd love a projector but the costs of the projector and bulbs etc., made me stay with the RPTV. I'd like it to be cleaner but...too late.

This was all part of a "basement" project. I also put in an office, little workshop and still have a "junk" room along with the HT room. The HT is about 10.5' * 17'.

It booms pretty decent with my set-up. All in all very happy.

I did everything myself except for the carpet.

For anyone that cares the costs of the entire project (all rooms) was about $6k including a subfloor and all internal walls being insulated. I also ran 12g everywhere. I put in 5 circuits / 2 for the HT.

Here is the url for "basement pics" hover over the blinking dot on the left to hit other pages for before/after pics of everything.

Small HT particulars.

The floor is just DriCor from HD with a wool carpet overlay. I have no problems with bass. Plenty happy.
I hung my "component" stand from the ceiling to keep the kid away (and also the wife). I can rich it because I'm 6'5".
I ran all wire before drywall obviously. I just welded the speaker stands up from some small square stock and plate.

I hate to say it ...and please don't shoot me... but I couldn't stand having the CC on the TV. So I....I....drill 1/8" holes thorugh the corners ...yes....I drilled through the speaker.....and hung it by wire off the component rack. It is a ported speaker so I figured how much could I hurt it....plus it is not like it is some super high end speaker....end result......it still plays and it is not on my TV.

I had to get the sectional.....has a couch bed....needed somewhere for the in-laws. Two recliners in the end facing the T.V. Would have liked some of those dedicated seats but big dollars and I made a HUGE screw up. I made the room before I bought the chairs......KNOW your chairs before you build.....It took me weeks to find a sectional that would fit.....I wanted 4 HT chairs...those Berklines....too wide....everthing was about 6" too wide.....man I was PO'd...almost wanted to tear the wall down....

Anyhows...I can certainly ramble...making up for no post in the past...plus I'm at work....and my job ends.....so the ol' motivation is slipping.....ahhhhh.....

Again many thanks to those of you who didn't even know you were helping.

If you have some time check it out....all comments are welcome...good / bad / indifferent / why / how....maybe I can repay some other newbies on their quest......#1 question...color....I used that color because it was the darkest I could go and still stay inside WAF.

Apperentaly newbs can't post urls.....

so....I'm at JAYANDMARY with the little .com thing behind JAYANDMARY...and then under the Other drop down menu on my home page......go down to "Our House" and then start on the basement pics....

I wonder if this will work????


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Oct 19, 2002
Very cozy room with GREAT colors! :emoji_thumbsup:
How does your family (mainly the wifey) and friends like the room? It looks like a great room to watch a sporting event.

JayRyan's HT


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Mar 28, 2000
Massapequa, NY
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Ken Appell
Nice job! Navigation would help if the pictures were numbered or something. Anyway, welcome aboard. Never saw somebody write with a Boston accent. Reminds me of undergrad :)


Jun 14, 2004

First, thanks for the link. If possible, could you change it to http://jayandmary.com/base04.htm to allow others to bypass the homepage.

The wife actually really likes it now. It is the favorite room in the house. The open space around the couch works great for when my kid was learning to walk. There are no sharp edges in the room and he is pretty much free to wipe out anywhere. Short of the T.V. there is nothing he can touch.

Great for sports. Really need an HD source. Just got to town so I'll have to check into it. The room is ideal for about 4 people. After that I through a couple of bar stools in behind the couch were 3 guys can sit with no problem. Any more than that they'll need to be real good friends.

That color is New London Burdgandy by Benjanmin Moore. It is their new flat / washable paint. Expensive for paint I thought at $48/g. I tinted the primer so I wouldn't have to 2 coat it.


Thanks. I don't put much time into that website anymore. I actually don't know how I'd number them in that layout. It is just frames. Not sure if you noticed but I think I left comments on them. Put those pictures up to make my daddy proud of his little boy and all that he can do given I push a pencil all day. That's the first thing I've ever done that dealt with tools.

I started that website when I didn't have a house and had time on my hands. Now I fix things about 9 hours a day or so it seems.

I'm actually from Canada...southern Ontario to be exact...across from Port Huron MI....so the Boston thing is funny....I probably get a bit of it from bustin chops on the guys I work wit as wez is havin beirs that we got at de packie out in the paaarkin lot...wicked fun get haammered with dem....ya know...I'd have a better HT if I went to Haaarrrvad and made da big bucks.........Yankies Suck..Yankies Suck....that's all I'll hear until the Sox lose again in Sep.


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Jan 22, 2002
Nice. I look at these and and just think to myself, one day, one day, one day. One day that day will come. Want to come to TN and finish a basement for me? They love foreigner accents down here. :)



Mar 16, 2004
The color's are awesome! I love that burgandy with the white trim. Very sharp.

Great job!

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