This is just the coolest episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun!

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    No, this TV show is not about Patrick Sun [​IMG]
    So, I'm sitting around late last night watching re-runs and I'm seeing this episode of 3rd Rock about of all things: Home Theater & Electronics!
    It all starts when they go to an Electronics store and see a nice (19') TV..
    They get that and a VCR and start reading the manuals.
    "Wow, this TV has 565(?) lines of clear resolution!"
    "Yah, but this VCR has only 245(?)"
    "It's inferior, let's replace it!!!!"
    Justin Gordon-Levitt's girlfriend:
    "It's fine, there's nothing wrong with it!"
    "It's inferior, it's inferior, it's inferior!"
    So, they buy a DVD player, make some cool comments about it, JGL's girlfriend makes snotty comments on how VHS is just as good and then they get into this:
    "This DVD player is so good, it's better then the TV"
    "I know, it's like looking at the Mona Lisa with a knife in your eye"
    Then they go off to buy a bigscreen tv.
    I sort of feel asleep after that..
    I hope I'm remembering it all!
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    The rest of the show leads to the final HT. A big screen with dolby surround. So Sally, Tommy's girlfirend and Tommy sit and watch Entertainment Tonight (ET), while they turn the sound up full blast (hair waving in the wind). The girlfriend then gets up and yells "you need to watch ET this loud?!"

    How much is this going to cost?

    No payments for 60 days!!

    Then how much? Hmmm... abput $40,000.

    One of the better scenes is when Sally looks at a DVD box and says "look, they have the trailer." And then ALyssa says "you're paying all this to watch a commerical for Chuckie 2?"

    That one joke kinda put all this HTF in perspective, what this forum is all about.
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    Yeah, it was so cool that you fell asleep.

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