Third Watch Oct. 28, 2002

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    Anyone here watch this? I am hoping someone could give me a synopsis, vcr jammed 1/2 way through, I really got to get a PVR... saw up to the point where Fred is getting out of the hospital.

    Can anyone run down the rest, things I expect happened are Davis and the Chief of Patrols do something, Bosco gets into some sort of trouble, Faith has a fight with her daughter, and of course more has to come of Chevchenko, I think I know what happened in the train station but would like conformation.

    Thanks guys!
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    Here is a brief run-down of the main plot:

    Sullivan vs. Chevchenko - Tatiana has to go down to the police station to give a statement after Sergei is found murdered. During this "statement," she is interrogated. The result of this is she finds out that Sullivan okayed survilliance on her. She is angry at Sullivan and at Chevchenko. She heads to Chevchenko's club and stabs him with a utensil. He shoots her to death and sets fire to Sullivan's home. This makes the investigators and Sullivan think she commited suicide. When Sullivan finds out the truth he is heart-broken.

    To add to his pain, Chevchenko plants a dummy assassin for the police to find. Chevchenko even has the nerve to call Sullivan and discuss "thier pain." Chevchenko ends the call by letting Sullivan know that if he needs anything, just contact him.

    Davis comes up with a plan to call Chevchenko and have Sullivan ask for money. Sullivan would also be wired.

    The plan does not work well as Chevchenko knows that Sullivan would be wired. Chevchenko makes it sound like Sullivan is accepting a bribe rather than giving him the actual needed information to arrest Chevchenko.

    Sullivan then turns it around and screams "Put down the gun." Chevchenko has not drawn his gun at all. Sullivan fires several shots into Chevchenko and then plants Chevchenko's holstered gun in his lap.

    The funeral for Chevchenko has a lot of mourners and fills a church. The funeral for Tatiana and Sergei fills a small room and only Sullivan's friends and co-workers attend.

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