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Alen Koebel

Jul 20, 2005
My brother-in-law wants to add a home theatre in his basement, which was finished by the previous homeowner. He has been given permission to remodel (but not re-do) the space, so no new walls or tearing out existing ones. The only decent location for the HT is in a corner of the main room (the layout is "open concept" except for a utility room and a furnace room). The space he's got to work with is a little small given that he can't turn the whole room into a theater - it has to accomodate other uses. He's currently planning on four reclining seats, the middle two in a love-seat configuration with a seat attached to each side on a radius. But what does he do if he wants to accommodate a few more people from time to time? Folding chairs as a temporary back row? Are any out there comfortable enough? And how would he elevate the seat positions to give the viewers in the (temporary) back row good sightlines? Portable, stacking risers?

Another problem is making it dark enough in the daytime to watch a projected image. Light-weight (but opaque) curtains that he could draw across the side and back to enclose the HT area? I've seen that done in at least one HT design. Technically, he wouldn't be in violation of the "no-new-walls" rule. Or simply black-out curtains on the windows, which may not be aesthetically pleasing?


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Sep 9, 2006
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I wanted an open feeling in our basement without several small rooms as well. After several days of sitting down there and planning the layout on paper, I came up with the optimal solution for my needs.

I put in the home theater room in one corner of the basement with big 36" double french doors on either side. When the room is not being used for movies, I can swing them open all the way against the walls and walk right through the room with that big open feeling. This creates a 6ft opening on either side! I guess I'll find out if/how that affects the sound, but I don't think it will be a problem...

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