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Thinking seriously about Axiom; couple questions (1 Viewer)

John Stone

Supporting Actor
Aug 5, 2001
I've been looking at several brands of speakers (Energy, Def Tech, Axiom, Dahlquist, Ascend...) and have pretty much narrowed my choice to Ascend and Axiom. Both of these brands enjoy excellent word-of-mouth, but I am leaning towards the Axioms mostly because they look better. Of course sound quality is by far the most important criteria, so any arguments either way (or even for another manufacturer) would be most welcome.

My original plan was to get the following setup:

M22ti - Bookshelves ($400/pr)
QS8 - Surrounds ($470/pr)
VP150 - Center ($350)
SS36 - Speaker Stands ($99)

Total = $1319

I have an SVS sub (x-over is 80 Hz), so I reasoned that full-sized towers are probably not needed here. Still, I much prefer the look of full-sized towers to bookshelves, and I see that the M40ti towers are just $490.00, and because I would no longer need the speaker stands, my cost would actually be a little less if I went with the towers. So it comes down to sound quality: which would be a better choice, the M40ti towers, or the M22ti bookshelves?

Even though I'm leaning towards the Axioms, I'm open to any and all suggestions in the $1300.00 price range. Thanks for reading.

Frank Mowry

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Mar 25, 2003
M22s are considered very similar to the M60s and share the same tweeter. The M40tis don't seem to be that popular over at the Axiom forums. Probably since most people either step up to the M60s or like the M22 for for the smaller size. I've got the M22/VP150/QS4 combo and love it. My basement is pretty big and it has no problem filling the room. The Axiom forums have an "audition Axioms" thread where owners let potential buyers come to their house to hear them. I've had two people over to my house in MD. You can set up an audition in the Axiom forums.


John Stone

Supporting Actor
Aug 5, 2001
Hi Frank,

Since I first posted I've come to a similar conclusion--now I need to decide between the M60s or the M22s for the mains. Because I have an SVS, the M60s might just be wasted money. Based on what you said about the M22s, I'm really leaning towards those. I can take the extra money and put it towards a new receiver/amp. :)

Thanks for the reply.

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