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Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by MikeGee, Dec 29, 2008.

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    Hey guys
    A couple of questions if anyone can help!

    I currently own Athena Audition series (AS B2) Bookshelf speakers which are good sounding speakers but they have absolutly no punch whatsoever bass wise. Also since I have to buy some speaker stands now for them and my Dayton amp for my subwoofer died. I am looking for tower speakers that have some punch and some bass. Which would solve both problems.

    I've been looking at the Polk RTI10's which are on sale now for 500$ or the Energy C500's for 300$. Which to me sounds like a steal both have great reviews. I'd be powering them with a Pioneer 1014.
    Is that sufficient power to drive the Polks alone? I've heard they are power hungry and need to be driven with a good preamp to sound good.

    I currently also have an Athena center channel speaker and I know its best to match your center with the front speakers but for budget reasons i cannot right away but I'm sure any of the RTI centers or any of the same series Energy speakers would match well.
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    The RTi10's for $500 is a great deal but I've also heard they need lots of power and are really 4 ohm speakers. Since you're using a 1014 ( a nice older receiver but not for 4 ohm speakers) I'd consider the Energy 500's and use the $200 you save on another sub. And since you already have an Athena center you can get the LS-500's for the same $300 from (+ shipping) But I suspect the Energy's are a little bit better of a speaker. In any event, whatever you buy I still recommend you use a sub. Even with the RTi10's.

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