Thinking of getting out

Jeremy Hegna

Supporting Actor
Nov 28, 2000
Every summer I take a break from HT and the forums. I'm a big time fisherman
Love to go hunting and camping, working in the yard, enjoying the water sports, etc.
There is NO better time of the year to take a break from HT than summertime. After a couple of weeks/months, the sound and passion will return to your HT. Your gear is top of the line and of course there are improvements you can make. But it does sound like you could use a break, I know I can

There is no reason to sell off your gear, because you know you'll miss it when the snow flies this October...

Jeff Kleist

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Dec 4, 1999
1 thing
You people realize that us giving him advice is like an alchoholic going to a bartender


Senior HTF Member
Mar 28, 2000
Jeff, that's right.

For the record, with audio and home theater, I can stop anytime I want to. Really, I can! What, you don't believe me? Well, I can I tell you! I really can!

Alex Prosak

Supporting Actor
Dec 9, 2001

It sounds like you've got some really nice equipment...I think everyone trying to keep you into HT is completely wrong [yeah...that's the ticket]. You don't really want to enjoy watching movies at home anymore, they're much more enjoyable at the theater where you have to pay out the nose and have people talk through the movies...yeah you need to go to theater more often. Then, you need to sell your system to me...yeah, that's it...sell it to me... Just kidding.

Don't get wrapped up the technicalities of the system and enjoy what you've put together. Give the room treatments a try too.


Gary W. Graley

Second Unit
Feb 9, 2001
Brandon, one thing I've found is that the Source of material makes a great deal of difference, when comparing what you hear at the store, make sure you are comparing apples to apples in the way of either music: same cd or movie, same version of movie and soundtrack, DTS or DD.

I sometimes dislike the sound but then when I play something with a great sound track the system really opens up a lot!

I'm figuring that you've played with the toe in or not theories and have checked the polarity of your speaker wiring as that can have quite a subtle change in the overall sound as well, worth a double check, both at the receiver and at the speaker connection as well.

I had a great collection of knives, mostly folders, but sold all but a few to fund my Fevered desire for HT, so it is a deadly virus to be sure! The system you have sounds great, contentment is often a hard to find place, I wish you the best of luck in that!


David Barteaux

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 6, 2001
I use B&W 604 speakers and was questioning my purchaces also. Room acoustics are definitely a force to be conqured. Check out Dunlavy's web site. Dunlavy sell very high end speakers and I think they have alot of knowledge when it comes to room acoustics. Widescreen Review magazine uses Dunlavy for there reference theater. I moved my equipment around the room as reccommended by Dunlavy and I was plesently impressed with the results. Here is the link to Dunlavy's site navigate to the link that talks about speaker placement.

Jack Keck

Second Unit
Nov 23, 2001
I was concerned that I might wind up in your situation, Brandon. In addidtion, I do not have teh resources or the desire to get into enough debt to assemble a mega-bucks system. I also knew that, given the amount of time I would problbly spend watching movies, I'd be better off trying to do it on a shoestring.

I already had four speakers, a pair of Polk 7cs and some Marantz bookshelves and my DLS 360-600 sub. I saw a post about a refurbished Pioneer receiver at AVS. So I wound up with a VSX 709 for$220, with shipping. The DVD player is a Samsung from everybody's favorite store, Best Buy. With the wire and cables I bought, I still set the whole thing up for under $500 plus the equipment I already had. Not too bad for someone who only got real interested in HT by reading these forums looking for info on subwoofers to listen to music on.

I figured I'd rent most of my movies because there aren't many I'd watch more than once. I'm more of an old tv show buff than a movie buff. The most exciting item in the latest Sound & Vision was the review of the Rifleman box set. THAT I would buy!

It turned out that my predictions about how much I'd use this stuff were correct. I enjoy it when I use it, but I'm mainly a tv watcher, especially in the summer, when I veg out watching baseball. I live in the greater Detroit area, so I can't get too excited watching the home team.

This comes too late to help you with your delema. And I may have strayed way off topic.

I guess my main idea is to suggest that we consider what we are buying and spending before we buy and spend.

That said, I hope you come to a place where you can enjoy your HT stuff.

Michael R Price

Jul 22, 2001
Hmm, interesting thread. I'm not sure I'm the best person to offer advice but...

First, the room is the most important component of a sound system. If you can experiment with placement and such a little bit, you might get something worthwhile. I sure did.

Second, I do agree it's a mood thing. If I'm in a bad mood, music sounds bad. But that's a good thing to me, since then I realize it really doesn't sound bad, and I start enjoying the music more and feel much better. Music can be relaxing, it can be exciting, it can be emotional, it can be anything you want it to be. That's the great thing about this hobby.

And thirdly, the recording makes a difference. Some recordings are sibilant, some are bright, and some just don't seem to get my foot tapping like others. So try some different music, different movies, have fun. I've been trying to borrow different CDs from friends and expand my tastes.

I also admit to listening in for the little problems too much. But I'm starting to 'take the hint' that it's much more fun when you don't bother with nitpicking.

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