Thinking of changing to smaller mains...B&W 805 or Revel M20?

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  1. Keir H

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    Jan 4, 2001
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    THinking of getting a little more musical speaker but I do want to keep my HT going. I have Def Tech BP30's right now with CLR 2000 and BP6 for rears. I am wondering if my exeisting center and surrounds will match either of these. I have heard the Revel Studios and B&W N. line but not side side. Anyone compare these two. Will I be way off timbre matching these units with my existing speakers?
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    Oct 10, 1998
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    Wow. you are in EXACTLY the same situation as myself.
    I have Mirage OM's all around and I'm very close to buying M20's and the B15 subwoofer. I'm just trying to justify the expense.
    I believe that this will result in a timbre-matching compromise for HT. However, my parents have a very modest system with mis-matched speakers and it always amazes me how good it sounds.
    It's all about priorities. For me, my two-channel listening has outgrown my OM-6's and I crave more detail. I think getting that, and giving up some HT matchedness ('scuse me while I make up words... hehe) will be worth it.
    As for the B&W vs. Revel, I have auditioned the Totem Model One Signature, the B&W 805, the Revel and the Energy 2.2.
    I didn't like the 805 at all. Nothing specific, it just didn't suit my ear. Also, in Canada, the Revel with matching stand is more affordable than the B&W with matching stand.
    Out of those 4 speakers, the Totems and the M20's are my favourites.
    See my M20 thread for more details.

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