Thinking of a 42" Sony Wega LCD rear projection TV, good?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by HienD, Apr 14, 2004.

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    Hello, I'm thinking of buying a 42" Sony LCD rear projection tv and have a few question.

    1. Is there other TVs that I should be considering also? Has to be LCD or DLP based.

    2. How much of a discount should I be expecting from MSRP?

    3. How long does the lamp last? The tv is turned on 10-15hours a week.

    4. I know that DLP and LCD TVs are better calibrated then their CRT couter parts, but should i still get it ISF calibrated. Thanks.

  2. Danny Beck

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    Jan 14, 2004
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    All of your questions are really matters of opinion so it's kind of tough for anyone to give you an actual answer. All you are really going to get is others peoples opinions and those opinions may end up being completely different than your own. With that said, here are my opinions on your questions. [​IMG]

    1. Of course you could check out the Samsung 43" DLP models. Whether or not they have a better picture is all opinion and my opinion is that they both have advantages and disadvantages. I'm actually in the same boat as you right now and i'm probably getting the Sony LCD.

    2. On a tv that retails for $2800 you should expect to get at least 10% off that price for most retailers. If they won't go that low i'd just move along to another retailer. Someone will go at least 10% off and some will even go 15% off. Never be afraid to ask.

    3. The lamp life is all a matter of use. They predict about 6000-8000 hours. I would just assume you're gonna get several years out of it.

    4. Calibration is totally a matter of money you're willing to spend and your own personal viewing tastes. If $400 isn't a lot of money to you than go for it. I'm sure you'll be happy you did. However, if you are not an ultra picky viewer who is going to scrutinize your tv that much you probably would be perfectly happy without getting the tv calibrated. I just recently fixed the red push on my Sony XBR910 and i'm happy enough with it. I came to the relization that it wasn't worth the extra $300 to get the calibration done. The red push was my biggest concern personally.


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