Thinking about changing web hosts (again). Recommendations?

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    I've used Pair Networks for a few years to host my own domain. I switched to them from a company that was bought out by Verio and started giving horrible service after the buy-out. Pair is excellent. Virtually no downtime. In fact, someone from the HTF recommended them to me and I've been happy.
    However, I'm interested in playing with things like CGI, PHP and mySQL. To do that with Pair, I would have to upgrade from a Basic account ($9.95/month) to a Webmaster account ($29.95/month.) That's quite a bit of scratch for a domain where I use very little resources already. I basically use it for e-mail (it's better than a vanity license plate!), for hosting my DVD & music list, and for other various web junk. I average about 2 Megs of traffic per day and much of that is my own use and HTFers hitting the silly image files in my signature. Nothing worth $30 a month, me thinks.
    So can anyone recommend a solid, reliable host that offers things like CGI, PHP and mySQL for a good price? I would only switch if I can get the same service or better on the things I do use. Thanks!
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    Look into http://www.NoMonthlyFees.Com. I've been using them for going on two years now for a couple of websites ( and I maintain. After an initial setup fee of either $150 or $200, you only pay $35 a year for 200MB of space or $70 for 500MB. They have all of the things you say you're looking for. Moving domains is not a problem -- they'll even include setting up a new domain. Their web-based administrative control panel is incredibly easy to use, and you can either ftp or use their set-up to upload files. Also, once you're a member of NoMonthlyFees. about twice a year, they have a killer deal of additional 500MB hosting for $100 setup and $70 a year after that.
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    David Fischer
    I've been using for my domain. It's $15/yr for name domain registration and $7/mo for basic service, including PHP, Perl, MySQL. I've found their support to be responsive and fairly quick to resolve problems.
    I've no experience with other hosting services, so I can't say how this compares.
    But it's worked for me pretty well.

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