Think this is a good idea to hide speaker wire?

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    I live in a townhouse, the walls I need to hide wire in either A.) are an external wall that has insulation or B.) a shared wall with a fire barrier. Basically, both are impossible to fish wire through.
    My idea (and it may not be original) is to take a razor, cut incisions in the drywall that are just wide enough to fit the speaker wire in it and then add spackling over the wire and paint the walls.
    Has anyone done this? Think it will be very noticeable? Any tips or tricks?
    FYI- It is a tiled floor, I cannot hide it along baseboards with carpet.
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    Interesting idea, but before thinking about cutting into drywall I would consider the idea of applying external, paintable wire channels. They will be much easier to install, and certainly less destructive / messy than cutting into drywall. If you go the cutting route, I think you'll find the razor will make things quite laborious as well as a poor tool for accurate cuts. I would also dread the idea of spackling over that much drywall, and then realize I needed to change something - replace wire, re-route, etc.

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