They're prewiring my house! Do I use the default they offer?

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  1. Roy_G

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    Jul 29, 2001
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    I'm having a home built and I'll be prewiring for the surrounds and the master bedroom. The system should consist of:
    Denon 3802
    Paradigm Studio 60's (anyone other than me think they sound better than the 80's and 100's btw?)
    Paradigm CC
    Velodyne HGS or Servo 15 subwoofer
    Something in-ceiling in both the master bedroom and living room for surrounds.
    So basically the in-ceiling speakers are being prewired. I called the wiring guy and he said that they install 16 ga. wire, but could upgrade if I asked.
    Any suggestions? Is it worth it to upgrade for surround/ambient speakers?
  2. Steve_D

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    Nov 28, 1999
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    Why not? The cost is very mariginal now versus later if you decide you want it.
    BTW, while they are wiring make sure you get plenty of 15-20 amp circuits direct from the box. I'd want at least 2 dedicated circuits to my system, and if it were my main system probably 4.
    And on the Paradigms, I'll do you one better and say the 40's on a good stand are the best in the line!
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  3. Glenn Overholt

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    Mar 24, 1999
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    Upgrade to 14 or 12ga wire? That's the way I caught it.
    If your front and rears are the same then the wire guage should be the same.
    If they are doing this from scratch I'd have them put in that flexable metal covering for the wires. This way, if you want to go 12 or 10 gu later, you'd have a much easier time feeding the new wire through.
    You can also surge protect your entire house, but I won't go into that one.
    I have wanted to run componet cables between from my bedroom to my living room. Hoping that someday before I die they will come out with smaller widescreen componet based sets. I'd be all set for a mini HT in the bedroom. I'd run at least 5 RG-6's
    Have fun - Glenn
  4. Dan Hitchman

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    Jun 11, 1999
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    Run 12 gauge speaker wire.
    Stop HDCP and 5C-- Your rights are at risk!
  5. Eugene Hsieh

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    Sure. Wire is cheap. Upgrade to 14 or fatter. Run the wires along tubes if possible. Put extra sets of wires in other places the speakers may be placed even if you don't need anything extra now. You can just hide the wires behind the drywall, or else put a box there without the actual outlets. P.S. What are the Denon's multiroom capabilities (if that's a concern)?

    Put in CAT-5e for networking and maybe a couple extra CAT-5e lines for telephone too. Ideally your telephone wiring is in a star topology.

  6. Howard_A

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    Jul 26, 2001
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    I had them use 14 gauge wire in my walls. I put binding posts about every three feet. You never know how many channels will be in the next standard. [​IMG]
    I second the motion for a whole-house surge supressor. They are inexpensive and don't take up much room. Ideally, you'd go with a whole-house UPS but those are pricey.
    I had them run conduit from the equipment area to the rear ceiling for a video cable to the projector. I also had them put a dedicated outlet w/built-in surge supressor in the ceiling for a projector.
    And while I was at it I had them include two CAT5E for data, two CAT5E for voice, and two RG6.
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  7. Bob McElfresh

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    May 22, 1999
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    Roy, Welcome to HTF! [​IMG]
    There is a separate fourm for "Building a Home Theater Area" that might give you a more focused response to this type of question.
    But since we are here....
    - Use 12 ga speaker wire for all runs.
    - In your HT room, run wires to the both sides for side-speakers. Run wires to the rear corners for the L/R rear speakers. Run a wire to the rear-center for Dobly Ex (rear-center speaker)
    (Extra wire is dirt-cheap compared to the cost of adding wire later. Dont scrimp!)
    - In your HT room, run 1 run of RG6 (CATV coax) to a corner where you will place a self-powered sub-woofer (You need a coaxial cable for these signals, not just speaker wire). The corner should be the one with the 2 longest, un-broken walls.
    - Have them install ordinary electrical outlet box's where the wires go in and out. Dont have them just drill a hole and thread the wires through.
    - Have them run the wires zig-zag inside the studs near the box's and have them use insulated staples pounded in only 1/2 way. This way you can later tug on the wire to pop the first staple to give you about 8" of slack. Tug again to pop the second staple for more.
    (The goal here is to have un-broken wires between your equipment and speakers. Later, if you want a "cleaner" look, trim the wires at the electrical box's and install face-plates with binding-posts. But this is only so it looks good. It will still look good if you buy blank face-plates and drill holes for the wires to go through, and will also give you a un-broken wire.)
    - Label everything. Put labels at 1 foot intervals on the ends of each wire for about 5 feet back.
    - If they offer to pre-wire your rooms for CATV, make sure they run 2 runs of RG6 (not RG59) to each room. Have them run it in a 'star' pattern to a central location in the house (the Garage or the corner of a closet. Make sure this central location has an electrical outlet nearby). Have them run the main CATV feed to this position. Also, have them run 2 runs of RG6 to the outside for a DSS system. (Call a local installer for advice on where he would mount a dish on your roof).
    A company makes a "Smart Home" cable that has 2 RG6 coax cables, and 2 Catagory 5 network cables in 1 bundle. Highly recommended for the whole-house CATV system because you get CATV, DSS and Computer wiring all in 1.
    Hope this helps.

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