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Jan 8, 2003
I was the one who was asking about buying a projector before building a theater. I am going to buy one first (thanks to HTF),BUT now that whole throw distance has been keeping me up at night.


I was looking at the l300u and specifically the throw distance. The throw for that size screen is somewhere around 11 feet from the screen.

Lets just say these dimensions (not exact, just estimates)

screen 4X8 test screen with 2 types of material on each side (106 inch diagonal)
Bottom of screen is at minimum 24 inches up (probably will go higher)

Front wall
screen 1.5 feet from wall (hanging)
First set of eyes at 12 feet from screen. (3 berkline 090's in front seating)
Second set of eyes at 17 feet from screen. (long regular couch seating)
Then the casual space (4.5 feet).
Back wall
Total room length is 23 feet, width is like 15 and the height would be 7.5 to 8 on the main floor.

The riser would be the second row and the casual area (10-15 inches high)

Would it be better to have the projector hang from the ceiling or on the ground? It said the lense would be about the same level at the top of screen if I hung it from the ceiling. But I am thinking the back row and riser would see that thing hanging from the ceiling. What about putting it right in front of the center seat on the first row?

Anyhoo, your recommendation would be greatly appreciated.


Jeff Engel

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 13, 2002
Here Mark, take a look at my pictures in this thread. You can clearly see my projector hanging down in the middle of everything and nobody notices it when a movie is going.

I prefer the hanging the ceiling mount but I've seen a few setups using a table mount and thay seemed to work good also. Most projectors also have a lens shift feature. It allows you to place the projector higher than the screen and you use a wheel adjustment to lower the lens to align with the screen. You will only notice the projector if it is hanging in your sight line or close to it, or if it is spilling light out the sides or bottom. Once the action starts up most people will be focused on the screen as long as the projector itslef is not a distracion.

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