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Joseph Sulse

Sep 20, 2004
Here is a question for all you Home Theater Designers.

I am a new member and, have to say, in awe of the amount of info in this forum! Some of my basic questions regarding design and equipment have been answered by searching key words but some questions still remain. I'm lucky enough to building a new house which is still in design phase. The most important design problem is where to mount the flat panel TV in the family room. The family room is 22.5'x26'x10' and the TV mounting wall is the 26' wall. Also, the family room is connected to the kitchen providing an open floor plan and the total space is 38'x26'x10'. Since the family room will be used for more than viewing I'm trying to minimize any compromises in viewing and listening. At this time we have a fireplace placed on the center of the 26' viewing wall with a 54" high mantle. There are three TV mounting options:
1) Above the fireplace
2) To the right of fireplace
3) Move fireplace to corner.

Above the fireplace mantel, which is 54” in height, will center the TV and sound stage in the room but will place it higher than eye level. To the right of the fireplace will bring the viewing level down but the sound stage will get screwed up. Which is the lesser evil? I’m inclined to go above the fireplace at the moment but moving the fireplace might be the way to ultimately go but clearly decreases the aesthetics of the room. Right now I have a furniture floor plan which places the couch 12’ from the viewing wall. Also, I have a PDF of the Family/Kitchen area but unsure how to post it here because it is not part of any web page.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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