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Sep 8, 2009
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I hope it's ok to post this here, but the hit show from the 1970s The Waltons is available for for "free" streaming on Amazon Prime. It's in HD and looks fairly good, but they've made it widescreen. I feel mixed about the widescreen, but when it comes to classic TV I watched sometimes as a kid free is a nice thing. For anyone who might not know, this is a show set in the 1930s, and was inspired in part by creator Earl Hammer's memories of growing up in Virginia. The show is sometimes easy to make fun of, but it's also a quality production in terms of writing, acting, sets, etc. My guess is that it was a fairly expensive show at the time to produce, and in its very old fashioned way I think it mostly stands up. Since I watched the first two seasons on DVD with my daughter almost ten years ago, I'm starting in now with the third season. Anyone else watching The Waltons?



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Jul 22, 2006
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James Perry
I don't have prime but I have all the dvds. I watched the show with family as such a young age just watching the opening credits is like looking through a family album from long ago with nothing but happy feelings. Im not as close with some family members these days so it makes that pain easier to take. I wish reminding them about the Waltons would fix that. (And I also wish Earl Hamner was here to narrate my sentence I just wrote. lol )

ONe thing I noticed from the dvds is all the fun viewable crew members, production devices, boom mics, etc like Dark Shadows you can see around the edges. Just a blast. An episode with Sissy Spacek and John Boy in the back of the family truck you can clearly see a crew guy hanging off the driver's door with Mr. Walton driving. At first I thought if Mr. Walton same him there he should open the window and punch him off. Then I got my senses back and thought, nope, Mr. Walton would stop and ask the guy if he needed a ride and if so he could ride in the back with Sissy and JOhn Boy. :D


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Jan 12, 2001
I purchased the set of DVDs when I found out they only streamed it in widescreen. This is what I fear about going to a streaming only source when/if physical media is no longer made available. OAR is what I want, not trying to fill the television screens completely, whether 4:3 for the older television sets or 16:9 now.

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