The Very Best Plasma That Money Can Buy?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Roger, Jul 19, 2003.

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    I am currently using an XBR-40" (tube) and am looking to move to a Plasma. I realize that in terms of overall picture quality I won't be getting better than my XBR but now it's a matter of size (and also the design factor of having something slim hanging on the wall.)

    Question: assuming that price is no object (and since I've already dropped so much dough on my system then why start economizing now???) do you have any recomnendations for the biggest and best plasma?

    (btw, I hear SONY will be introducing a 60" XBR Plasma this November but I haven't beeen able to find any info on that....)
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    Here are a couple of suggestion:

    Samsung HPN6339

    this is the newest model and you would have to pre-order it.

    Samsung HPL6315

    this model is the present model.

    both are 1366 x 768 WXGA resolution.

    I would also suggest looking over the various models that TV Authority has as they carry a whole range. I have heard that the Pioneer are very good as well as the Sony models.

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    am currently using an XBR-40" (tube) and am looking to move to a Plasma. I realize that in terms of overall picture quality I won't be getting better than my XBR

    Whoo man, are you in for a surprise when you see a well-set up, top-notch plasma :) Wait until you see how much better it can get than that XBR-40. (Not to diss your display, but I've never seen the XBR-40 even approach the realism the best plasmas are cable of).

    do you have any recommendations for the biggest and best plasma?

    This is subjective, as it depends on what size you are demanding for your set-up. Currently, on sheer picture quality, there is pretty good consensus that the Fujitsu P50 (50") plasma is the best out there. Best black levels, combined with smoothest motion, great colors and detail etc.

    Pioneer and Panasonic also do top-level 50" plasmas. If you want to go boutiqu price, Runco and Bang and Olufsen take plasmas, re-badge them and supposedly improve the picture. I didn't find the Runco plasmas to be as good as I'd hoped, but Bang and Olufsen's version of the Panny 50" plasma is superb (of course, you pay a premium).

    As you move up in size NTSC images will suffer of course. And also once you get above 50" the black level performance of a display tends to take a hit (not as deep). You also might see some more artifacts in the larger-than-50 inch- plasmas. They will look mind blowing with really good sources, but not handle less than stellar DVD transfers and NTSC as well.

    Samsung's models do look promising. Sony's new 60" plasma is supposedly an advance on Sony's previously so-so plasma performance, and initial reports make it out to be superb (Or not). (Whatever you do DON'T get sucked in by a name, such as Sony, whose plasmas have trailed in performance, but have cost up to twice as much as the competition. Again, though, it looks like they've gotten serious and the new 60" model has some intriguing hype).

    Best source for plasma info:

    AVS Plasma/LCD Forum

    Enjoy, you lucky guy!

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