The Veil - Boris Karloff "Thriller" Pre-cursor

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  1. DennisTuck

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    Oct 24, 2001
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    I haven't seen any news on this I figured I'd throw it out. I was at the local Best Buy last week and saw a 2 disc DVD set of "The Veil", a show that pre-dated "Thriller" and has alot of hosting/acting work of Boris Karloff. Its by a company calle Something Weird and has all of the episodes remastered for only $24.95
    The Creeper [​IMG]
  2. Jay E

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    May 30, 2000
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    Yes, this came out last year and I picked it up.
    The show was OK, but nowhere near as good as Thriller. I wish Universal would put that show on DVD. They released 1 box set of Thriller on laser and I was hoping they would release more as that show had some of the best horror episodes I ever saw on TV.
  3. Derek M Germano

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    THRILLER really needs to be released on DVD. I have the Laserdisc set, but I'd like to have the entire series on DVD.
  4. Peter M Fitzgerald

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    Peter Fitzgerald
    Ditto. We need to have DVDs containing such classic THRILLER episodes that didn't make it into the LD/VHS sets as:
    "The Cheaters"
    "Pigeons From Hell"
    "The Devil's Ticket"
    "The Hungry Glass"
    "The Weird Tailor"
    "The Return of Andrew Bentley"
    "Trio for Terror"
    "The Hollow Watcher"
    "La Strega"
    "The Last of the Sommervilles"
    "Dialogues with Death"
    "Parasite Mansion"
    "A Wig for Miss DeVore"
    "The Prisoner in the Mirror"
    "A Good Imagination"
    "Man of Mystery"
    etc, etc...
    All the original TWILIGHT ZONE episodes are on DVD now, and it looks like DVDs of the original OUTER LIMITS are in our immediate future, so THRILLER is the next logical step*, don't you think?
    * Not to forget Roald Dahl's WAY OUT, or more classic episodes of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS and THE HITCHCOCK HOUR, as well as the Universal-owned, short-lived, hour-long filmed suspense anthology series SUSPICION, by Hitchcock's people.

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