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Mar 25, 2004
Time and time again, it happens.

Whenever I'm awaiting a DVD release, and I know I will buy it no matter what, Amazon will put it up for preorder--usually $15 cheaper than stores. Now, this is $15 that I'd love to save on an expensive purchase, but it's also several days of shipping I'd have to wait to watch my DVDs!

I'm sure you've faced this problem before... what do you do?

Deb Walsh

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 1, 2004
I save the money 90% of the time. I buy too many sets to afford to pay the premium. And I save on sales tax, too (6% in PA). I have such a backlog of discs (and books) that I can afford to wait the extra couple of days more than I can afford $15 more per set - that's often three sets for the price of two.

I used to order from DeepDiscountDVD all the time, but I found if I preordered through Amazon I'd get pretty much the same price and superior customer service. I had a major problem with DDD's billing system - they kept requesting credit authorizations for my entire order (which sometimes was $1000 of discs releasing over several months) even though they were about to ship only a small portion of it, and it messed up my credit (didn't ruin my credit rating, but locked up all that credit so I didn't have it available when I needed it). Now, they'd mail pretty much so I'd have discs close to the release date, but even though Amazon is a little later, I haven't had any credit issues.

And yes, I did complain, several times, and they never answered me on that topic. Others they were responsive on, but that one I never got resolution, so I don't shop there much any more.

Anyway, as sets have increased in volume, I've opted to save a few bucks so I can buy more sets.

Casey Trowbridg

Senior HTF Member
Apr 22, 2003
I'd save the money, and besides some sites ship in such away that you either get the item on release date or maybe a day or 2 after that depending I guess...but often you can get it earlier. I paid $31 for Simpsons s3 at a site last year and it showed up at my place day before street.


-The Snappy Sneezer- -Red Huck-
Jun 3, 2004
Seattle, WA
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I had that problem with deepdiscountdvd too, but on a smaller scale. They kept removing it and putting it back. It sohuld be checked like a week before purchase, not months and just stay locked. Still, I see them cheaper there a lot, there and DVD Planet, both the same company with different prices...

As for the topic, I say preorder and look around the Internet, it is worth te wait to save the money, just do it with someone trustworthy.

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