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Jan 7, 2014
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michael mcgee
There a yahoo store called, "The ultimate 3D Heaven. Last year I bought some 3D glasses for the Mitsubishi t.v.It arrived within a week and a half. it was good service. Now recently I had ordered another 3d item. It was a converter for pc with plugin glasses software. I had just bought myself a monitor that was 120 to 144 hrtz.I felt that I could convert it to polaroid, forgetting the fact that it has to be 3D-ready like a 3d t.v set well I paid 140 .95 cents for the whole thinking I could convert it. It required VGA adapters for the DVI-d inputs. Well on the fifth day I notice that this store took out the money first, but, the status was still the same they had not processed it yet. Then I discovered that my monitor was not backward compatible with the Vga adapter.Did not work. Why didn't the company upgraded to a DVI-d version of the converter? I don't know why, since v.g.a is out of date or even better HDMI version. This was the 9th day too. It dawns on me that this converter would not work. So I took advantage of the delayed order and sent them an email to cancel my order. By the two weeks, after I ordered it, I got not one answer, but I figured may that they are in a lockdown area, since it's in California. Maybe being it's a small company they are backlogged with a lot of orders that's why they did not answer me, possibly. I'll I know that they have not contacted me for two weeks and 2 days. Fortunately, I have pay pal to help me get my money back . I am disappointed in them in their service. I don't know what's going on. I did buy a product last year, before the virus . This converter I had thought since my Corel wind DVD 12 had a weave and checker polaroid, besides anaglyph I might be able to convert it to polaroid. The 3d movies do double on that mode, but No glasses work to block out a double image and I don't know the kind of glass that would work to block light out. I tried the theater glasses I would take from the movie theater real d glass and that did not work . I realize that this converter was the Sensio process and may not work for blu ray 3d burner players. Well at least I got the t.v and the recent Ben q polaroid projector which works on the wall, refurbished. I was just trying to convert the monitor from anaglyphic to a polaroid. I failed on that.

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