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The Turnip--Issue 3. A thread that actually works! (1 Viewer)

Jeff Rogers

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Aug 24, 2000
Hey everyone. Don't know what the problem with that last thread was. Does not want to see to load properly. Any way, we'll try it again.
I wrote this about a year ago when the missing Los Alamos drives were all the rage in the news. Hope you like
2 more Los Alamos drives missing!!
Has the secret technology of hard drive storage fallen into Russian hands?
(Los Alamos, New mexico)
In what appears to be one of the most heinous and dastardly crimes of theft in the past decade, U.S. government officials have disclosed that two hard drives belonging to Los Alamos Nuclear lab have been stolen. The information on these hard drives pertaining to the schematics and de-arming of nuclear weapons has officials worried.
For years the Russians have lagged the U.S. in many things, now we face the harsh reality of another cold war with the Russians if indeed they have these stolen hard drives. The Ruskies(according to Los Alamos officials) really have no chance of using these nuclear secrets to their advantage. What worries officials is that they now have the technology to store things onto a computer and actually retrieve them later, as opposed to the typical Russian way of storage which is writing in dirt.
White House spokesman John Gretnoy had this to say...
"For an entire century the Russian espionage team has wreaked havok across this peaceful world; technology "falling" into their hands that they would normally not have unless stolen. Fire......microwaves.......calculators...... Where will it end???!!!"
With the storage capability they have we could possible someday live in a world where they can store recipes and funny jokes, but not pictures. Officials say that the Russians are at least 23 years away from scanning technology.
How will newly elected President Putin and the government use this new technological nightmare?
"Perhaps they will bombard teh U.S. with forwarded e-mail using stolen internet technology from the French. Or maybe they will train Russian children to use the internet chat rooms to make friends with American children and talk to them for hours therefore makng them mindless zombies....ripe for a midnight invasion of the mainland."
On a lighter note, one good thing is that it will bring relief to a crippled economy. E-bay will allow them to auction off government bread for huge gain.
If I could go back in time, I'd meet Snoopy


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Dec 11, 2000
Real Name
Steve Gonzales
Keep 'em coming! :)
He thought on homeland, the big timber, the air thin and chill all the year long. Tulip poplars so big through the trunk they put you in mind of locomotives set on end. He thought of getting home and building him a cabin on Cold Mountain so high that not a soul but the nighthawks passing across the clouds in autumn could hear his sad cry. Of living a life so quiet he would not need ears. And if Ada would go with him, there might be the hope, so far off in the distance he did not even really see it, that in time his despair might be honed off to a point so fine and thin that it would be nearly the same as vanishing.
-- Charles Frazier, Cold Mountain

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