The Toshiba 50HX81 is in the mail on Monday!!

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    Ok, now that I got the best deal through I am expecting the HDTV this Friday or the Monday after that.
    A few questions I had:
    1) Is the Warranty company that I is using good? It's name is NSI. I bought the 4 yr. in-home warranty for $297 w/ no payments or interest for 1yr. I am just wondering if this company is reliable and good? I currently live in KY, but plan on moving back to Texas in about 3yrs. I just want to make sure that I will have good service if anything goes wrong.
    2) Has anyone dealt with They seemed to be a good company and they are on Toshiba's certified online dealer list, so I am hoping for the best.
    3) The shipping company I will be dealing with is said to only be able to drop the TV off 50ft from the truck, and that they will not carry it into door of the home. Has anyone dealt with this type of shipping? Do you think I could get them to get into my home for $50? Would that be illegal?
    4) What should I do when it comes in??? Should I calibrate it with VE immediately or should I let it go the 100 hrs to get it broken in with the contrast way down, and then calibrate it? Any tips or tricks I should do for it? Should I immediately disconnect the VMS(sp?)? Bring on all the web sites.
    Also anyone who owns this TV, can you just tell me if you like it, and what picture modes you enjoy watching different DVD's, cable, or Video Games in? Thanks!!!!!!!
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