The Stupids (1996): February 10th

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Bill Burns, Nov 11, 2003.

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    John Landis' hilarious (my adjective, yours may vary, but I hope not) comedy The Stupids arrives February 10th, according to tonight's news update at DVDFile:

    I recall hoping this would hit laser in OAR, but I never found it on that format. Happily, this DVD edition is said to offer a 16x9 formatted 1.85:1 presentation (in addition to a 1.33:1 presentation), and all for a suggested retail price of $14.95.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the film, here's a link to the IMDB:

    Now ... wise cracks about the sort of guy who's really excited about this release may be inevitable, but I wear my Stupids hat proudly -- I loved this goofy, fun-loving film when I saw it in theatres, and while no, it doesn't threaten Dumb and Dumber's crown for the best comedy about ... well, dumb people, I found it funnier and much more creative than the somewhat amusing Dumb and Dumberer, if that's of any help. And yes, I'll definitely pick up a copy.

    It joins a couple of other comedy releases on the same day: The Dick Van Dyke Show Season 3 (tentative) and The Best of Abbott & Costello: Volume 1. [​IMG] February 3rd sees (this may still be tentative) Ed Wood: Director's Cut ... well, what can I say? It looks as if the outer reaches of wit will find themselves laid bare for all in the first two weeks of February.

    Back on topic, though: while its critics may have a word or two to offer, I hope I'm not the only Stupids fan here -- as silly, off-the-wall comedy goes, it's really quite charming and inventive. With the release of The Adventures of Ford Fairlane next month at the same price point, two of the titles I feared I'd never see properly released look to be enjoying not only fine editions, but exemplary price points, and for that, absolute congratulations to Fox (for Ford) and New Line (for Stanley Stupid). [​IMG]
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    What other movie are you going to find which features cameos by Captain Kangaroo and David Cronenberg?

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