The strangest thing I've ever seen-problem with Space Camp audio

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    My wife has always loved Space Camp so I bought it for her for Valentine's Day.

    Tonight she went to watch it and there was no audio being transmitted from the DVD player to the receiver; the Dolby Digital indicator was not illuminated. I put in another DVD and it was fine. From what I could see there is no audio setup in the menu on the Space Camp DVD. When I push the audio button on my remote I get nothing. I didn't bother with the analog out.

    My concern with this issue isn't that it can't be returned (I bought it at Suncoast). The fact that the DVD is probably representative of a batch from which other copies are likely to originate is what bothers me.

    Has anyone here gotten this disc?

    thanks all

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    Paul Hillenbrand
    See "SpaceCamp Problems". For more links, do a search using the key words "Space Camp" and instruct the search engine to search in the "Home Theater Software" forum.
    Hope this helps.[​IMG]

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