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    King absolutely is anti-technology, and he demonstrates it throughout The Stand. If you read the last chapter just before the epilogue in the unabridged version, It has Stu considering the drawbacks of society. He comes to the conclusion that all of our problems come from organization, and that it would probably be better if the Boulder Free Zone were to disperse, and the people just wander aimlessly around. In the last few paragraphs the unsubtle suggestion is made that, if we were to just abandon technology, all of mankind's problems would be solved.
    "Maybe If we tell...(our) children. Warn them. Dear children, the toys are death-they're flashburns and radiation sickness and black, choking, plague. These toys are dangerous; The devil in men's brains guided the hands of God when they were made..."
    So, he basically clumps all technology together as being evil, harmful and irredeemable. This makes him, in my opinion, not all that far removed from a Luddite. King is a brilliant writer, but his thoughts on society and technology are so far removed from reality as to be delusional fantasy. Organization and technology are the forces that have facilitated all the positive things about humanity; art, literature, vaccines, etc. (Obviously technology has also allowed the creation of terrible things, but to blindly label it as inherently 'bad' or 'good' is ignorant at best)
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    Wow... zombie thread!
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    As I read your post, I thought of the movie Maximum Overdrive, written and directed by King, in which he portrays machines as deliberately, consciously bent on destroying humanity.

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