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The Sixth Day - Which Arnie goes to Patagonia? [Spoiler Warning] (1 Viewer)

andrew markworthy

Senior HTF Member
Sep 30, 1999

As this is an old movie, I don't think I need to hide the whole post, but be warned - if you haven't seen the movie, don't read on.

At the end of Sixth Day, the Arnold Schwarzeneger character (Adam) and his clone are alive. If you watch the movie and accept everything at face value, then the clone goes to Patagonia, leaving the original to go back to wife and daughter. BUT: does the clone double cross the 'true' Adam? The reasoning is this:

(1) When Adam and Clone set off to get back the wife and daughter, Adam thinks he's a clone, and Clone thinks he's the real Adam.

(2) Clone is then told that he is not Adam but a clone, and the way to prove it is that he has a yellow spot on the underside of his eyelid. He is also told that he has a genetic defect giving him a life expectancy of 2-5 years.

(3) Now at the end of the movie, we are led to believe that the clone has been genetically tested and has been given a completely clean bill of health. But that would happen if the real Adam still thought he was a clone and had been given a genetic test. And as for the yellow spot on the underside of the eyelid, maybe Clone kept quiet about it. After all, with the principal villains dead and the cloning facility (including computer records) destroyed, who would know about this?

(4) So in other words, what happens after the two Adams escape is this. The Clone tells the real Adam that he wants his life back, but he'll set up Adam somewhere nice and pleasant in Patagonia. Adam, thinking he's the clone, agrees to this. Clone persuades Adam to have a genetic test (perhaps he says something about finding out that the screening can induce genetic diseases in some cases). He finds that Adam is fine and is likely to live a long life. So Clone figures - I know I'm going to die in a couple of years, why not spend them with wife and daughter? The real Adam can then return and I know that he'll forgive me. So he sends the real Adam off somewhere remote for a couple of years.

(4) And to really confuse matters, in the last scene with Clone and Adam together, what we are meant to think is the clone is wearing a brown jacket. Later, when 'Adam' [in fact, the Clone] returns home, he is wearing the same outfit. And note the ambiguous facial expression on Schwarzeneger's face in the last shot when he is hugging his daughter.

Or maybe I'm getting too paranoid in my old age ...

todd s

Senior HTF Member
Jul 8, 1999
How do we know your the real Andrew Markworthy and not his clone???

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