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The shortest (and cheapest) inside-the-park homer in history (1 Viewer)

Brian Perry

Senior HTF Member
May 6, 1999
I have a question: who employs the official scorer of a baseball game? The home team? MLB? Whoever it is, they need to fire the scorer of Saturday's Toronto/Oakland game.

For those who missed it, Raul Mondesi hit a high flyball (more like a pop-up) to short center field, and the center fielder lost it in the sun. The ball landed just behind him and Mondesi ending up lumbering to third for an apparent triple. Miguel Tejada, the shortstop, picked up the ball (which gives you an idea of how shallow it was hit), but instead of throwing it in to the pitcher, held on to it. Mondesi, who had come to a complete stop at third, was then waved home and scored. The play was ruled an inside-the park home run, despite the fact it should have been scored a triple and an error on Tejada.

I thought official scorers had a good grasp of the game, but after seeing routine plays mishandled but ruled as hits, I am convinced many are incompetent.

Evan S

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Nov 21, 2001
They cannot score that play an error I don't think.

An error as defined by MLB is a physical error, not a mental one. So, the same rationale is applied to the Tejada play as the one to Terrance Long. They didn't give Long an error for failing to catch the fly ball lost in the sun because it wasn't a physical error (like a misplay or poor throw).

If Tejada had thrown wildly to the pitcher, they would have assessed him an error, but in that case, I would take it that Mondesi was simply credited with a heads up play.

To answer your question, the home team hires the official scorer, so that could also explain why Tejada wasn't charged with an error. Now if Cory Lidle had been pitching a shutout, maybe they would have scored it an error to save his ERA, but with him getting bombed it plays into account. I know it shouldn't, but it does.

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