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The Rookie is coming to dvd on 8/27 - Widescreen/P&S (1 Viewer)

todd s

Senior HTF Member
Jul 8, 1999
their will be a Widescreen & pan & scam version available. I was nervous, because I wanted to get this movie. But, I definitely thought it would be p&s like Snow Dogs. Here is the info from dvdreview:

Buena Vista gives The Rookie a chance

May 16, 2002

Although still in theatres, Buena Vista Home Entertainment's inspirational semi-true story of The Rookie.

"The Rookie" is about a coach who discovers that it's never too late to try and make your dreams come true. Jim Morris never made it out of the minor leagues before a shoulder injury ended his pitching career twelve years ago. Now a married-with-children high-school chemistry teacher and baseball coach in Texas, Jim's team makes a deal with him: if they win the district championship, Jim will try out with a major league organization. The bet proves incentive enough for the team, and they go from worst to first, making it to the state championship for the first time in the history of the school. Jim, forced to live up to his end of the deal, is nearly laughed off the try-out field - until he gets onto the mound, where he confounds the scouts (and himself) by clocking successive 98mph fastballs. Is it possible that he could begin a career as a major league at an age when most players are thinking of retiring?

Two versions of the DVD will be available; the first with an anamorphic widescreen transfer and the second with a fullscreen presentation. The features and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio tracks will be identical. Both will contain an audio commentary by Dennis Quaid and John Lee Hancock, deleted scenes introduced by John Lee Hancock, featurettes entitled "The Inspirational Story of Jim Morris" - Meet the Real Rookie and Spring Training: Tips from the Pros.

Both discs will be available on August 27th with a suggested retail price of $29.99.

Eric Paddon

Mar 17, 2001
Thank goodness there'll be a widescreen version. I had a wonderful time seeing this movie, and how refreshing for a change to see a live action feature movie that decided it didn't need to do anything gratutitous to avoid getting a G rating (if only other filmmakers could show some similar restraint nowadays)


Second Unit
Apr 1, 2002
Great! i loved this film too.

Though i was expecting it to be powerful, it wasn´t

But i still loved it.

Jay Mitchosky

Senior HTF Member
Sep 6, 1998

Please avoid using teaser threads in the future. They're not pretty to look at (frankly quite annoying) and you limit the responses as many will just skip them. I've modified the header to reflect this.

Thanks in advance.

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