The Rolling Stones In True Stereo

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    Many early hits from the Stones were recorded in stereo but mixed to mono by Abkco or, worse, given to us in the States in the form of "Electronically Re-Channeled Stereo," which is far worse than mono. The new SACD remasters due in October will eliminate all the re-processed stereo and substitute either true mono or true stereo. But if one happens to enjoy wide stereo - and I know there are purists who prefer the mono versions as Stones manager Andrew Oldham does - one needs to collect numerous discs from a number of sources. The new sets will give us true stereo versions of MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER, 2120 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVE, IT'S ALL OVER NOW, PAINT IT BLACK, HONKY TONK WOMEN and a few others. But MIA in stereo from these 22 CD's are: SATISFACTION (given narrow stereo release here, but not the wide stereo of imported versions); GET OFF MY CLOUD, and others, which can only be had be finding copies of HOT ROCKS 1 and HOT ROCKS 2 on the MFSL or London CD's, all out of print. THE LAST TIME, probably my favorite Stones song, isn't available in true stereo on ANY legitimate release in any country except an LP set called "Rolling Stones In Stereo," almost impossible to find. I am not ashamed to be a stereo buff; I prefer multi-track sound to mono, unless the stereo recordings are truly horrible which, according to many collectors, is not the case with most of the Stones' material. But for Abkco, I guess these new releases are considered progress.
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