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'The Rock CC' transfer appreciation shrine (screenshots) (1 Viewer)

Bjoern Roy

Second Unit
Oct 15, 1998
Hi folks,
here is a little story of my Nec XG CRT recal experience this week. It started with reading Guy Kuo's article about an 'alternative' way to do the CPC magnet astig on the XG (Great work, Guy, as always. Unlimited kudos!).
Whenever someone comes to demo my setup, there are a few titles that are certain to be shown.
For example i typical demo could start with the jungle opening in 'Rules of Engagement' for its sensational sound mix and the perfectly smooth, incredibly detailed picture without any hint of EE. An almost unmatched audio-visual experience at reference level.
But the colors in this sequence are very pale and washed out by intend. So i know that my visitors think "Great, but ugh, no color saturation at all!" to themselves...
Hehe, to compnsate for that, the next title often is the 'The Rock: CC', namely the car chase in the middle and the baby doll scene in the beginning. This transfer is increadible. The contrast and dynamic range is unheard of, unlike any other. The color saturation is perfect. And detail wise this transfer is unbelievable, supported by quite a bit of VERY high frequency EE. Apart from several scenes where this leads to halos which pollute slihouettes, the apparent detail throughout the movie is basically unmatched.
Last week, just for fun, i completely redid the mechanical and electronic astig and focus setup on my XG and refocued my lenses painfully accurate, to maybe gain another 5-10 percent in beam tightness and focus. Then, i took the time to get the main resolution/ratio (2.35:1) on my constant area screen into perfect convergence, because the mechanical work threw it off quite a bit, as would be expected. Usually, i get my convergence 95% perfect even without ANY use of point convergence, but because i was in the 'perfection' mood, i tweeked it to 100% in this ratio.
I got the red gun about 10% tighter spot-wise, and it was already increadible before. The green gun, which is slightly less tight than the red anyway, didn't improve much. The blue gun also improved quite a bit, which is not really needed, because i ever so slightly defocus blue anyway for increased accuracy in gray scale tracking. Redid color temperatur with extra care as well.
Then, to test the result, i threw in 'The Rock' and was blown away, like every time. I don't know if it was really noticable better than before, but it reminded me how much i appreciate this transfer.
So i took some screenshots with this new perfected setup and this marvelous title as a 'shrine of appreciation' for it. Due to the special care this screenshot session got fom me, i think they turned out even better than the older ones.
You can find the screenshots on my homepage (signature).
Here is a smaller sized teaser, the others are larger:
Link Removed
:emoji_thumbsup: Enjoy! :emoji_thumbsup:
Btw. I would appreciate it tremendously if someone could tell me which telecine and compression machinery was used for this title. Due to the similiarity to the EE characteristic in Saving Private Ryan, i would guess it was a Spirit telecine and probably a C-Cube E3 based encoder (Minerva?).

Jeff Kleist

Senior HTF Member
Dec 4, 1999
I believe the telecine was done at Disney, but if Morgan Holly is hanging around, his outfit has done a lot of Criterion titles, and may have done The Rock.

I'll ask my friend who works for him if I see him online

Sean Oneil

Supporting Actor
Mar 19, 2001
Nice looking job Bjoern. Looks like you got rid of the slight convergence error on the far left side of the screen that was in your older shots. That sure is a nice projector.

Dean DeMass

Jun 30, 1997
Man, Bjoern, those screenshots look like shit. :)
J/K. That is one hell of a front projector you got there. Those screen shots look fantastic. :eek:

Brajesh Upadhyay

Supporting Actor
Jul 11, 1998
:emoji_thumbsup: Bjoern, "The Rock" CC screenshots on your homepage are truly stunning! I think you've milked as much as it's humanly possible out of DVD's resolution limit.

Joseph Young

Oct 30, 2001
The Rock: CC is the one DVD that I own that will not play. :angry: The second disc plays just fine, and sometimes I watch the deleted scenes to pretend I am watching the actual film... sniff.. I think I wanna cry.. :frowning:
But I have seen the Rock:CC's transfer on other tv's (on which my disc plays just fine) and it is simply stunning, just gorgeous!
Fantastic pics Bjoern, thank you!! :D

Bjoern Roy

Second Unit
Oct 15, 1998
Thanks for the kind words everyone!
Bjoern, "The Rock" CC screenshots on your homepage are truly stunning! I think you've milked as much as it's humanly possible out of DVD's resolution limit.
Definitely! Thats why i am kinda at a dead end with DVD and look forward to D-Theater HD tapes!

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