The right way to setup DVD-Audio for Denon3800, it may be true for all DVD-A,&SACD

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    I have a denon 3800 DVD-A, and sony 555ES SACD player, when calibrate the channel level the LFE give -10db lower reading than the other channel on both of these player.

    and i ask the product manager of Denon on the other forum about these issue, here is his response

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    We have done this from the factory to compensate for dts' sometimes over indulgence in the LFE level (dts has been changing the way they encode the LFE BTY). For DVD-A you would want to set the LFE on the 3800 to a minimum of 10dB higher than the other channels, this is due to the fact most DVD-A engineers calibrate their systems with the LFE 15dB below the other channels(usually calibrated to 85dB, not the 75dB most of us use to set up out systems).

    Regarding the EXT inputs on the 5803, you must go the 'EXT In Setup' in the "Main System setup" menu (pg 33 in the OM). Here is where you tell the unit to either bypass the DSP(for BM) or engage it. Once engaged it uses your settings from previous setup functions (speaker config, delay, channel levels etc). You are also asked how you want the Surround Back channels to operate, Not Used is where it should be set unless you have cables connected to the SB input channels. The Sub level should be first set to +15db, see above, obviously change this to your liking. Last is input level control, there is an indicator on the front panel, plus sound will drop out, when it is needed to lower this control.
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    hope this may clear all the confusion when to setup DVD-A, and SACD player.
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    Really interesting post TanD. On a lot of different forums, people comment this situation has a bug, or a design flaw. Interesting to see it was a design setting done by intention.
    I've seen people telling others not to buy a DVD-3800 because of the too low LFE level "bug". Hope they will hit your post[​IMG]
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    More good info, TanD.

    I find it interesting that Denon's response is that they do this deliberately, and that they design a fix (ooops! Fix would imply a bug) into their receiver. I guess I should say they design COMPENSATION into their receiver.

    I am still anxiously awaiting some sort of definitive understanding of why so many players from different vendors have this issue.

    I think I see a business opportunity here. Perhaps someone could build a simple +10dB preamp level gain box that can be connected to the LFE output of these players.

    Hell, Outlaw went so far as to build the ICBM because DVD-A and SACD player manufacturers could not get the damn BM right (most still don't, actually!). Perhaps Outlaw could build a +10dB gain box?

    Oh well, the plot continues to thicken.

    BTW, TadD, I still have not heard anything from Pioneer, but I have a feeling the story will read like the one you got from Denon.


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