THE REAL McCOYS - CC Season sets?

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Gary OS, Mar 12, 2007.

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    I have the first 3 seasons. Of course, I am unhappy that they are cut syndication prints, but I guess that is what we will get without doing new transfers from the 35mm negatives.

    What I don't understand is these cut prints seem to be video edits and not actual film edits. I assume these were prepared when the series ran on Nashville network.

    Wouldn't they first do a video transfer of the entire 26 minute episode and then do further editing of 4 minutes from that master video? If that is the case and they didn't erase the master video after making the cut videos, those should be available to use for DVD.

    Although the cuts are pretty well made, I could occasionally sense a missing scene here and there. One giveaway is that kids, Little Luke and Hassie would not be in the end credits if they were not in that particular show. A few instances they were listed, but didn't appear in the edited version. Sometimes they just had one short scene.

    Since they promised to release all seasons and we have had a long delay since the release of the 3rd season, maybe, just maybe if it continues they found or went back to the original unedited versions. I know, wishful thinking.
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    I just hope they come through with the rest of the seasons. I will be very upset if this is another abandoned series.

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