The Rarest Movie of All for Home Viewing?

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    For my personal collection of movies I sometimes come across an old movie I want that is only available on VHS. I have a pretty decent home theater setup for viewing VHS about the best VHS can ever be, so I can usually tweak my system for any particular individual video to make it watchable.

    With that said, where in the world can one buy a video copy of "Caravans", 1978, Anthony Quinn - based on James Michner's novel?

    eBay recently had one copy that was up to over $50 a couple of days before the bidding ended and I never checked back to see the final price it went for.

    I've searched a lot of Internet rare movie sources and found only one copy - which I bought - but it was so terrible that all my tweaking couldn't make it worth watching - it was a poorly made (maybe amateur) copy in LP mode, which I hate.

    Blockbuster supposedly has one copy that is can be rented and they won't seel it, but I would like to buy a copy somewhere for my collection of "classics".

    Have any of you ever heard of, or ran across, this movie?
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