The PS2 continues to dominate in japan..

paul h

Supporting Actor
Mar 14, 1999
I find it incredible that after so much time since release the PS2 is still selling almost 50k units a week in japan..

After reading of MS laying off staff in Japan recently i wonder if they are really that worried about the Japanese market as the box does well in Europe and the US.

The XBox went upto around 4,000 last week when Dino Crisis was released but its now dropped back down, Gamecube sales increased with Vieutiful Joe's release and some promotional pack in japan.

last weeks figures according to gamerfeed:

1) PlayStation 2: 47,200
2) Game Boy Advance SP: 29,100
3) GameCube: 13,900
4) Game Boy Advance: 10,300
5) Xbox: 1,800
6) PSOne: 1000
7) Wonder Swan Color: 350

Richard Paul

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Aug 11, 2002
The Xbox stands a much better chance in North America and Europe than it may ever stand in Japan. Some think it is important for Microsoft to get into the Japanese market, but what they really need to get into is the North American and European markets. If they can do that then they could become the second biggest selling console within five years. This is only if they can get more console specific hits that don't have the word "Halo" in them

Morgan Jolley

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Senior HTF Member
Oct 16, 2000
Nintendo is failing in Europe because they ignored them for so long. Sony embraced Europe's pop culture in order to make the PlayStation 1 succeed, and it's helping them now.

MS has America in the bag because it's their home turf. They have Europe because they've dropped the price a bunch of times. They need Japan in order to succeed all the way. They're getting their foot in the door all over the world, and even if they're not number 1, they're still getting their name and reputation out there.

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