The Passion of the Christ: Definitive Edition - 02/06/07


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Jun 13, 2006
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ALL of the "anti-Jewish" material you refer to is from several of the Gospels. Gibson made no secret that he was usiing the Gospels as a primary source for the movie. You seem to be accusing Gibson of inventing the scenes when, in fact, he used the Bible as his source. If you didn't like the movie, or it didn't "speak" to you, that's fine by me. But I do really wish that when people write about something like this that they do a little research. It need not consist of anything more than picking up a Bible in a bookstore and thumbing through the last few pages of Matthew and John to see all of the dialogue Gibson used in the trial scene. After all, where does the phrase "washing one's hands of this" come from? The point of view of The Passion in regard to the Jewish leaders and Pilate is not all that different than, say, Jesus Christ, Superstar.

I'm not trying to flame you, and one can certainly disagree with the Bible, or consider it utter fiction. However, if one were filming a movie based on a novel, I doubt he would considerit a fault to follow the novel. This is what Gibson did with The Passion.

Also, as to Scorsese's Last Temptation of Christ showing a more "human side" of Christ: that was appropriate for that movie. Gibson was not making that movie. I admire the movie-making of Scorsese's film, but consider it a theological mess. The idea of a Christ dying to pay for his own sins is ludicrous to Christians who believe even the basic doctrines of Christianity. Obviously, Gibson was making a different sort of film entirely. The most important part of Christ's life (according to the Bible and traditional Christian doctrine) was that "He gave His life as a sacrifice for many". Gibson shose to concentrate on that aspect of the story. I would not expect it to appeal to non-believers, and was surprised that it did seem to have some cross-over appeal based on its cinematic virtues.

I did appreciate all of your comments on the DVD presentation and extras.

Colin Jacobson

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Apr 19, 2000
Points taken and appreciated. I realize I don't know all about the story's background, but I had to review it from my point of view and what I DO know...


Nov 10, 2004
I just meant it in this forum. I did read the DVD Review by Colin Jacobson. I hope that clears up the confusion.


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Sep 2, 2000
David_B_K is correct, there's nothing "anti-semitic" about those scenes, they are all straight from the Bible. Mel Gibson was just accurately depicting what happened.

I find the claims that were made before the movie came out to be very strange indeed. Jesus himself was half of the tribe of Judah (i.e., jewish) and half of the tribe of Levi (Mary's father was of Judah and her mother was a Levite) and his disciples were also all from the tribes of Israel, probably most of them from Judah and Benjamin, since most of the Israelite people of the other 10 tribes of Israel had already migrated into Europe by that time and were no longer living in Judea. So how can the movie possibly be anti-jewish, when Jesus Christ himself and all his disciples are what would commonly today be called jewish? Talk about senseless accusations.

And all the trouble that was supposed to happen when the movie hit theaters was proven utterly wrong. In fact, the reaction in the U.S. and Europe to the film was extremely positive, and it quickly became one of the biggest box office movies of all time.

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