The Ongoing Wal-Mart $4.88/$5.50/$5.88 Bargain Bin Thread

Discussion in 'Bargains and Deals' started by Erwin, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Erwin

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    Mar 7, 1999
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    Titan: AE is $5.99 at Wal-Mart. I have been waiting to get this movie. I've never seen it before, and it's a pretty decent sci-fi animated movie. It's widescreen and contains a dts soundtrack.
  2. Jerome Grate

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    May 23, 1999
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    If you don't have it, I suggest you get it, I certainly rate this one as one of those impressive DTS sound tracks. Oh by the way it does work with a 6.1 setup as well. For 5.99 that's a steal.
  3. David Lambert

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    Aug 3, 2001
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    Actually, it's $5.88. Check the bottom of my Weekly Roundup for a bunch of other titles added to Wal-Mart's $5.88 bin, and expect some others to be added before this Friday. [​IMG]
  4. John Berggren

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    Jun 17, 1999
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    I'd heard about the soundtrack on this one. The film didn't impress me to pay full price, but $6 for a killer soundtrack.. tempting [​IMG].
  5. Bill_D

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    Dec 10, 2001
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    I'm in.

    Been meaning to pick it up for a while. Sometimes procrastination pays off.
  6. Patrick Sun

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    Jun 30, 1999
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    I've renamed this thread and made it an ongoing thread so people can alert others of new entries into the Wal-Mart $5.88 bargain bin.
  7. Xenia Stathakopoulou

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    Apr 25, 2003
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    Even though i wasnt planning to get anything till friday, being that im just about broke, a friend of mine alerted me that flashdance was in the 5.88 bin !!!Made a special trip down there and sure enough there it was, what a bargain.[​IMG] Also saw trading places, but have to wait till friday to get it.[​IMG] David, do let us know what else will be added to the bin, when you can. [​IMG] Happy thanksgiving David, dont eat too much. [​IMG]
  8. Wayne W

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    Mar 12, 2002
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    Thanks for the info! I picked up Titan AE today.
  9. Mike Frezon

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    Oct 9, 2001
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    Rensselaer, NY
    Since Patrick is helping us put all our eggs in one basket...or one Wal-Mart $5.88 bin as it were.....
    here's more info from this week's Round Up. Starting with Dave Lambert's complete info:
  10. Greg S

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    Mar 13, 2000
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    Credit goes to DVDTalk for this but here is a list of what has been found in the $5.88 bin.


    "10" (16x9)

    2 Days In The Valley (LBX)

    2010 (LBX)

    4 Little Girls (FF OAR?)

    61* (16x9)

    8 Heads in a Duffel Bag (16x9)

    87th Precinct TV movies- Ice and Lightning? (FF OAR)

    Abbott & Costello: Africa Screams (FF OAR)

    About Last Night.. (Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, James Belushi)

    Above The Law (16x9)

    Across the Line (FF OAR?)

    Action Jackson (FF)

    Adventures of Ford Fairlane, The

    Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet, The (Platinum release reported of poor quality)

    Adventures of Pinocchio, The (FF/LBX)

    Adventures Of The Wilderness Family, The (FF OAR?)

    Affair, The (FF OAR)

    Aftershock: Earthquake In New York (FF OAR)

    Against All Odds (16x9)

    Alice In Wonderland (1999 TV Movie FF OAR)

    All of Me (FF)

    Almost Perfect Affair, An (16x9)

    Along For The Ride (FF OAR?)

    Altered States (decent movie.. 16x9)

    Amazing Adventure, The (FF OAR)

    America's Sweetheart (Julia Roberts.. 16x9)

    American Flyers (Kevin Costner.. 16x9)

    American Werewolf in Paris (LBX)

    Amityville Horror 4 (?)

    Apt Pupil (16x9)

    Arlington Road (Jeff Bridges.. 16x9)

    Armed Response (?)

    Army of One (FF)

    Ash Wednesday (Ed Burns, Elijah Wood.. 16x9)

    Astronaut's Wife, The (Depp/Charlize Theron.. 16x9)

    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

    Audrey Hepburn Story, The (FF OAR?)

    Avengers, The (16x9)

    Bachelor, The (16x9)

    Barbarians at the Gate (HBO movie.. FF OAR?)

    Base 2, The (FF OAR)

    Basic Instinct (likely long gone 16x9)

    Batman The Movie (1966 FF)

    Bats (LBX)

    Beast, The (?)

    Beat the Devil (FF OAR)

    Bedazzled (16x9)

    Bed of Roses(16x9)

    Before Sunrise (16x9)

    Best Laid Plans (16x9)

    Best of Times, The (LBX)

    Betsy's Wedding (16x9)

    Beyond Justice (FF OAR?)

    Beyond Suspicion

    Beyond the Law

    Big Bully

    Big Easy, The

    Big Jake

    Big Tease, The

    Billy Jack


    Black Beauty

    Black Eagle

    Black Sunday (16x9)

    Blind Date

    Blind Fear

    Blob, The

    Blood of the Dragon

    Blue Thunder

    Body, The

    Body Count

    Body Double

    Bodyguard, The (Sonny Chiba)

    Boiling Point

    Bonfire of the Vanities

    Boy in the Plastic Bubble, The

    Boys on the Side (16x9)

    Breaker Breaker

    Breaks, The

    Breast Men

    Bridge of Dragons

    Brokedown Palace

    Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave (Collector's Edition)



    Burglar (FF)

    Cabin Boy

    Caddyshack 2

    Campfire Stories

    Campus Man

    Capricorn One

    Captain Kronos- Vampire Hunter

    Captain Ron


    Casualties of War

    Cattle Queen of Montana

    Celtic Pride

    Charlie's Angels (non-Superbit)


    Chill Factor

    China O'Brien

    Christina's House

    Circle of Friends (LBX)

    City Hall (Pacino, Cusack, Bridget Fonda)

    Clan of the Cave Bear, The

    Clear and Present Danger (non-SE)

    Cleopatra Jones


    Codename - Zebra



    Corrina, Corrina (16x9)


    Corruptor, the



    Creepy Crawlers (aka They Nest)

    Crime and Punishment

    Crime and Punishment in Suburbia

    Critical Care (Sidney Lumet, James Spader)

    Crossing Guard, The (Sean Penn directed, Jack Nicholson)

    Cruel Intentions 2


    Cry in the Dark, A

    Curve, The

    Cutthroat Island

    Cyborg 2 (Angelina Jolie)


    Daisy Miller

    Dangerous Liaisons (16x9)


    Day Reagan Was Shot, The

    Deadly Drifter

    Death of a Prophet: The Last Days of Malcolm X

    Death Sentence


    Deep Blue Sea

    Deep Cover


    Deep Water


    Demolition University

    Desert Heat

    Desperate Measures

    Detroit Rock City

    Devil in the Flesh (Rose McGowan)


    Diner (Barry Levinson)

    Distinguished Gentleman, The

    Divine Maddness

    Doc Hollywood (FF)

    Dolores Claiborne

    Don Juan DeMarco

    Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead

    Double Down

    Dragon Fist

    Dream Theater: Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York: Special Edition

    Drive Me Crazy

    Drop Dead Gorgeous

    Drop Zone (Wesley Snipes)

    Drowning Mona

    Dungeons and Dragons

    Earthly Possessions

    Eddie (Whoopi Goldberg)

    Elmo in Grouchland

    Elvis: His Best Friend Remembers

    Encino Man

    End of the Line

    Ernest Goes to Camp

    Ernest Goes to Jail

    Ernest Scared Stupid

    Every Which Way You Can


    Excess Baggage (may be a FF Wal-Mart exclusive so buyer beware)

    Exorcist III

    Extreme Adventures of Super Dave, The

    Extreme Limits

    Eye of the Beholder

    Fair Game

    Falling Down (Michael Douglas)

    Family Enforcer

    Fan, The

    Far Out Man

    Fatal Attraction (SE.. 16x9)

    Father's Day


    Fearless Hyena (16x9)

    Feeling Minnesota

    Few Good Men, A (both SE and non-SE so buyer beware)

    Fifteen and Pregant

    Final Analysis

    Fire Down Below

    First Degree

    First Strike

    Fist of Fear, Touch of Death


    Flood: A River's Rampage

    Foreigner, The

    Forever Young

    Forget Paris (Billy Crystal)

    Fort Apache, the Bronx

    Fortress, The

    Frank and Jesse

    Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell


    Freddy Got Fingered



    Freshman, The


    Funny Farm (FF)

    Future Sport

    Gate, The (FF)

    Gauntlet, The

    G.I. Jane


    Glimpse of Hell, A


    Glory Daze

    Go (16x9)

    Godzilla (Matthew Broderick.. 16x9)

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla

    Godzilla vs. Mothra

    Goodzilla Vs. The Thing

    Godzilla's Revenge

    Going Overboard

    Gone Fishing

    Good Advice

    Goodbye Lover

    Good Guys Wear Black


    Grand Canyon (16x9)

    Green Berets, The


    Groove Squad

    Gross Anatomy

    Grumpier Old Men (FF)

    Grumpy Old Men (FF)

    Guilty Conscience

    Guinevere (Sarah Polley)


    Hamburger Hill

    Hanging Up


    Hard to Kill

    Harvard Man

    Heart of Dixie

    Heat (Burt Reynolds)

    Heaven's Burning

    Her Alibi (FF)

    Hercules in New York (FF)

    High Risk

    High School USA

    Home Fries (Collector's Edition)

    Hong Kong 1941 (Chow Yun Fat.. 16x9)


    Hotel New Hampshire, The

    House Party

    House Party 2

    House Party 3

    House on Haunted Hill/The Devil Bat (2-Pack)

    How To Be A Player

    How To Commit Marriage (Bob Hope)

    Howling III: The Marsupials (Elite Entertainment's SE.. 16x9)

    Hunt for Red October, The (non-SE)


    Ice Storm, The (16x9)

    Idle Hands (most seem to find it to be a FF only release which must be a WalMart exclusive but FF/16x9 release also found so YMMV and buyer beware)

    If These Walls Could Talk 2

    I'll Remember April (Full Frame, believed to be OAR)

    Impostors, The

    In Country

    In Love and War



    Innocent Blood

    Innocent Man, An

    Inventing the Abbotts


    Iron Eagle

    Iron Monkey 2

    Island of Dr. Moreau, The

    Isn't She Great

    Jack Bull

    Jackie Chan & 36 Crazy Fists

    Jakob the Liar

    Jane Doe (Teri Hatcher)


    Jerry Seinfeld- I'm Telling You For the Last Time

    Jerry Seinfeld- Live on Broadway

    Joan of Arc

    Joe's Apartment

    Johnny Mnemonic (some FF/16x9 and some reported as being FF only, WalMart exclusive?, so buyer beware)

    Johnson County War

    J.R.R. Tolkein: Master of the Rings

    Jungle Book, The

    Just Cause

    Just The Ticket (Andy Garcia, Laura Harris)

    Kelly's Heroes

    Kermit the Swamp Years

    Kill Cruise

    Killing Midnight

    Kissing a Fool

    Knockaround Guys

    Kronos: Vampire Hunter

    Lady and the Highwayman, The

    Lassie (1994 Helen Slater)

    Last Action Hero (some FF only, some 16x9.. please check carefully to save yourself some trouble)

    Last of the Blonde Bombshells

    Last of the Red Hot Lovers

    Last Seduction, The

    Laurel and Hardy (Artisan release)

    Lawnmower Man, The

    Leap of Faith (YMMV scanning $9.44 for some.. Steve Martin)

    Learning Curve, The

    Left Behind (4:3 which might be the OAR?)

    Left Behind II (4:3 which might be the OAR?)

    Legend of Boggy Creek, The


    Lemon Drop Kid, The (Bob Hope)

    Liberty Heights (Barry Levinson)

    Little Big League

    Little Princess, The

    Little Shop of Horrors, The

    Local Hero (16x9)

    Logan's Run

    Lone Ranger, The

    Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold, The

    Lonely Guy, The

    Long Walk Home, The

    Lost in Space

    Lost Souls


    Mad City


    Made in America (Whoopi, Ted Danson)


    Maid To Order

    Major League 2

    Mambo Cafe


    Man Who Knew Too Little, The (Bill Murray.. 16x9)

    Man With Two Brains, The

    Mars Attacks

    Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (De Niro, Branagh, Helena Bonham Carter.. reported as being a FF only edition)

    Master, The

    Master Touch, The


    Mackenna's Gold

    Maid for Each Other



    Medicine Man (Sean Connery)

    Memories of War


    Miami Rhapsody

    Mickey Blue Eyes (Hugh Grant)

    Midsummer's Night Dream, A




    Mod Squad, The

    Moll Flanders

    Mom's Outta Sight

    Money Talks


    Most Wanted


    Mr. Accident (Yahoo Serious)

    Mr. Destiny (James Belushi, Courteney Cox, Rene Russo, Jon Lovitz)

    Mr. Nice Guy (Jackie Chan)

    Mr. Saturday Night (Billy Crystal)

    Mr. Wonderful

    Muppets from Space (16x9)

    Murder At 1600 (Wesley Snipes)

    Murder of Crows, A (FF)

    My Blue Heaven (Steve Martin, Rick Moranis.. FF)

    My Dear Secretary

    My Fellow Americans

    My Giant (Billy Crystal)

    My Stepmother Is An Alien (Dan Ackroyd, Kim Basinger, Jon Lovitz)

    National Lampoon Loaded Weapon 1

    National Velvet

    Natural Born Killers (old non-anamorphic)

    Neverending Story 2 - The Next Chapter

    New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, The

    New Fist Of Fury

    New Jack City (likely no longer available)

    News at Eleven

    Newton Boys, The

    Night of the Living Dead/Kingdom of the Spiders (2-Pack)

    Night Shift (Ron Howard directed, Michael Keaton)

    Nightwatch (1998)

    Nine Months

    No Escape

    No Man's Land

    No Mercy

    No Way Back

    Norma Rae

    Nothing But Trouble

    Novacaine (Steve Martin 16x9)

    Now And Then

    Nowhere to Run

    O'Hara's Wife

    Object of Beauty, The

    On Deadly Ground

    Once a Thief: Family Business (TV series)

    One False Move

    One Last Score (Matthew Modine directed)

    One Man's Hero

    One Man's Justice

    One Night at McCools

    Operation Condor

    Order, The (Van Damme)

    Oscar (Stallone)

    Our Gang

    Out For Justice

    Out-of-Towners, The (1970.. 16x9)


    Outsiders, The

    Oxygen (Maura Tierney)

    Pacific Heights (Michael Keaton)

    Pallbearer, The

    Paradise Road

    Passenger 57 (Wesley Snipes)

    Patriot Games (non-SE)


    Pee Wee's Big Adventure

    Perpetrators of the Crime


    Play It to the Bone

    Point of No Return (Bridget Fonda)

    Poseidon Adventure, The

    Postman, The

    Postman Always Rings Twice

    Power of One, The

    Power, Passion and Murder

    Presence, The

    Presumed Innocent (Harrison Ford)

    Pretty Baby

    Primal Instinct

    Prime Gig, The (Vince Vaughn, Ed Harris)

    Prince Of Bel Air

    Private Benjamin (Goldie Hawn)

    Program, The

    Pump Up the Volume (Christian Slater, Samantha Mathis.. 16x9)

    Punisher, The

    Puppet Masters, The

    Q&A (Nick Nolte)

    Queen: We Will Rock You (Special Edition/DD)

    Queens Logic

    Rambo - First Blood Pt. 2 (16x9)

    Rambo III (16x9)

    Rat Pack


    Real McCoy, The (Val Kilmer, Kim Basinger)

    Rebel Run

    Red Dawn

    Red Heat

    Red Scorpion

    Regarding Henry (Harrison Ford, Annette Bening)

    Requiem for Murder

    Rehearsal fof Murder

    Reign In Darkness


    Return Of The Pink Panther, The


    Rio Lobo

    Risky Business

    River Niger, The

    Road Warrior, The


    Rodeo Girl



    Rumble in the Bronx (Jackie Chan)

    Run Lola Run (might be erroneous)

    Running on Empty (FF)


    Samarai Jack (comedy central dvd w/ some special features)

    School Daze (Spike Lee.. 16x9 though some are reported being FF only, another WalMart exclusive? Buyer beware)

    Sea Wolves, The

    Seabiscuit - America's Legendary Racehorse

    Secret Weapons

    Secret Weapons AKA Storm Trooper (not the same as above)

    Secrets of a Married Man

    Seven Little Foys, The (Bob Hope)

    Seventh Sign, The

    Sex, Lies and Videotape (Soderberg.. 16x9)

    Shadow Riders, The

    Shadow Warriors

    Shadow Warriors II


    Shaft (1971 version)

    Shaft in Africa

    Shaft's Big Score

    Shane (OAR 4x3)

    Sharky's Machine

    Showdown in Little Tokyo (Brandon Lee)

    Silent Fall

    Silent Rage

    Silent Trigger

    Simon Sez


    Simply Irresistable



    Slums of Beverly Hills


    Snake-Crane Secret

    Snows of Kilimanjaro, The




    Son In Law

    Son of Paleface, The

    Sour Grapes

    South Bronx Heroes

    South Central

    Spawn 1,2,3

    Specialist, The

    Spitfire Grill, The

    Split Decisions

    Spreading Ground

    St. Helens

    Star 80

    Stay Tuned (John Ritter)

    Stealing Home


    Street Fighter (Van Damme)

    Street Fighter's Last Revenge

    Stroker Ace

    Substitute Wife, The

    Sudden Death (FF)

    Sugar And Spice

    Suicide Kings

    Surviving The Game

    Swap, The

    Sweet Dreams

    Switch (Ellen Barkin, Jimmy Smits)

    Switchback (LBX)


    Tango & Cash (Kurt Russell/Stallone)

    Tarzan: The Lost City

    Tenant, The (Polanski)

    Tennessee's Partner

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre Next Generation

    Tha Eastsidaz

    That Old Feeling

    Thicker Than Water

    Thin Blue Lie, The

    Thirteen Days

    Thomas Crown Affair, The (1968)

    Three To Tango

    Three Wishes

    Tidal Wave

    Tiger Warsaw



    Titan A.E.

    Too Young To Die

    Top Dog


    Total Recall

    Towering Inferno, The

    Town & Country

    Toy, The

    Trading Places

    Trial And Error

    Trial by Jury

    Trick or Treat

    True Blood

    True Crime

    True Stories

    Truman (4x3 OAR?)

    Truth About Cats And Dogs, The

    Turn of the Blade

    Two Girls and a Guy (Robert Downey Jr, Heather Graham.. 16x9)

    Two if by Sea (Denis Leary, Sandra Bullock)

    Two Moon Junction (Zalman King)

    Ultimate Weapon, The

    Unnatural Causes

    Very Bad Things


    Wag the Dog

    Wagon's East!

    Wall Street

    War at Home, The

    Waterboy, The

    Wes Craven's Chiller (4x3 OAR)

    What About Bob? (Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss)

    Whatever It Takes

    When a Man Loves a Woman (Meg Ryan, Andy Garcia)

    When Trumpets Fade

    Where the Rivers Flow North

    White Fang (Live Action)

    White Force

    White Sands

    Who's Harry Crumb? (John Candy.. 16x9)

    Why Do Fools Fall in Love

    Wild Things


    Wing Commander


    With Honors

    Without Limits

    Woman on Top

    Wraith, The

    Young Frankenstein

    Zeus and Roxanne

    Zoolander (LBX)

    Zoot Suit

    TV Shows, 2-Packs & Misc.


    AMC Monsterfest Roger Corman Classics Collection 1

    AMC Monsterfest Boris Karloff Classics

    AMC Monsterfest Cult Classics vol. 1

    AMC Monsterfest Cult Classics vol. 2

    Andy Griffith Show, Volume 2 (2-Pack) (Buyer beware that episodes might have been altered with cartoons/commercials on some of the 2 Packs and have different episode titles to reflect this)

    Beatles, The (2-Pack): Fun with The Fab Four and The Beatles Unauthorized

    Beverly Hillbillies, Volume 1 (2-Pack)

    Beverly Hillbillies Volume 2 (8 episodes)

    Bonanza - Volume 1 (4 episodes)

    Bonanza, Volume 1 (2-Pack)

    Bruce Lee: Martial Arts Extreme (2-Pack)

    Bruce Lee & Bolo Yeung: Martial Arts Masters 2-pack

    Camelot/The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    Charles Bronson 2-Pack- Death Wish/Family of Cops (may be Death Wish 5: The Face of Death.. may also come with Family of Cops 3)

    Charles Bronson 2-Pack- Family of Cops 2/Family of Cops 3 (also reported to come in part 1 and 2)

    Chicago Bears 2002 Yearbook

    Classic Cary Grant (2-Pack)

    Classic Dramas 2-pack

    Comedy Classics 2-Pack

    Cop Chases

    Destiny's Child: Can You Handle This

    Dolly Parton: Behind the Scenes

    Dragnet/World's Greatest Detectives (2-Pack)

    Dramatic Action 2-pack

    Frank Sinatra 2-Pack - Suddenly/The Man With The Golden Arm

    Great American Western, The - Featuring 4 Randolph Scott Movies 2-Pack

    Great American Westerns Volume 2 (2-Pack)

    Great American Westerns Volume 3 (2-Pack)

    Grid Iron Gladiators 2-pack

    Gumby 2-pack (Gumby's Great Adventures with 10 episodes that total to 54 minutes, and Christmas with Gumby, 4 episodes that total to 31 minutes)

    Hercules/Three Little Pigs

    High Intensity 2-Pack

    Hilarious Abbott & Costello, The 2-Pack

    History of the Cowboys

    History of the Packers

    Hollywood's Classic Movies 2-pack

    Intense Action 2-Pack

    James Cagney (2-Pack)

    Kids' Classics (2-Pack)

    King of the Cage: The Evolution of Combat (2-Pack)

    Laurel & Hardy (2-Pack)

    Lucy Show, The (2-Pack)

    Madeline's Best Manners

    Magic Sword/Sword of Lancelot, The (2-Pack)

    Martial Arts Extreme 2-pack

    Memories of War (Prelude to War & Memphis Belle)

    Michael Jordan to the Max

    Muhammad Ali:Through The Eyes of The World

    Mummies and Zombies - Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy/Night of the Living Dead 2 Pack

    Mysterious Action 2-pack

    NBA at 50

    Night of the Living Dead/Sleepy Hollow High? 2-Pack

    Old West Classics 2-Pack

    Pearl Harbor Documentary 2-Pack

    Powerpuff Girls, The: Powerpuff Bluff

    Red Skelton, Volume 1

    Red Skelton Volume 1 (2-Pack)

    Red Skelton, Volume 2

    Red Skelton/W.C Fields (2-Pack)

    Rutger Hauer Double feature: Omega Doom & Blind Fury

    Samurai Jack

    Shania Twain: Video Collection

    Sonny Chiba: Extreme Action 2-pack

    Sonny Chiba: Martial Arts Extreme 2-Pack

    Sonny Chiba: Street Fighter 2-Pack

    Superman vs. Nature & War/Superman vs. The Monsters & Villains (2-Pack)

    Tim Conway Double Feature - The Longshot and They Went That-A-Way and That-Away

    TV Classic Westerns Volume 1 (2-Pack)

    TV Classic Westerns, Volume 1 (8 episodes)

    Three Stooges

    Three Stooges (2-Pack)

    Three Stooges (4 Episodes)

    Thug Immortal: The Tupac Shakur Story

    TV Guide - Looks At Christmas

    Ultimate Space Experience

    Vincent Price (Triple Feature)

    World's Most Famous Detectives

  11. Patrick Sun

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    Jun 30, 1999
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  12. Erwin

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    Mar 7, 1999
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    "Actually, it's $5.88. Check the bottom of my Weekly Roundup for a bunch of other titles added to Wal-Mart's $5.88 bin, and expect some others to be added before this Friday."

    Right you are. I should have known, because Wal-Mart rarely ends their price in .99. Actually I did purchase this flick and it's well worth the money. It's no Iron Giant, but the quality is much better than some of Don Bluth's other animated movies(especially the MGM movies). It's non-stop action and special effects which is what a lot of guys out there like. The voices provided to the movie are Matt Damon(Good Will Hunting, The Rainmaker), Bill Pullman (Independance Day, While You Were Sleeping, Casper), John Leguizamo (Sid in "Ice Age"), Nathan Lane (Timon in "The Lion King" and Snow Bell in "Stuart Little"), Janeane Garofalo ("Mystery Men","The Truth About Cats & Dogs"), and Drew Barrymore ("Ever After", "E.T.", "Riding in Cars with Boys").
  13. David Lambert

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    Aug 3, 2001
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    Good idea to do this, Patrick.
    The bad news, guys, is that I've been told that the $5.88 bin may be going away come Feb or Mar of next year.
    No explanation was given other than the hypothesis that studios would stop providing the product.
    I think this is a weird concept, because DVDs are getting OLDER and that there will therefore be more old crap to mark down to this price point. Also, all of their competitors have similar displays at similar prices now.
    In my opinion, the only way the $5.88 bin could go away is to replace it with a $4.88 or a $3.88 bin! But my sources seem convinced that for whatever reason, it IS going away at winter's end. [​IMG]
  14. Mike Frezon

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    Oct 9, 2001
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    Rensselaer, NY
  15. Mark Zimmer

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    I think this going away is related to the recent story about the studios being concerned about discs getting too cheap and people expecting dirt cheap prices on everything--and certainly being available for $5.88 on street date would contribute to that expectation. The Hollywood studios are probably the only entities that can stand up to Wal-Mart, since it's not as if WM can go to China and get the DVDs there (at least not legally). What ever happened to their American-Made policy, anyway?
  16. Dan Rudolph

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    Dec 30, 2002
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    The studios have no reason to complain about the $5.88 bin though. They're getting as much for those as the would if Wal-Mart were selling them for $10 and selling more in the process.
  17. Chet_F

    Chet_F Supporting Actor

    Mar 1, 2002
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    I saw:

    Ford Fairlane

    Hong Kong 1941

    Blind Date

    The Pick-Up Artist

    National Lampoon's Repli-Kate

    Titan AE

    Jordan Max


    Baywatch Wedding(w/15 extra minutes never before seen Yeehaw!!)

    The Last Seduction

    Hard Cash(I think this was only full screeen)

    Picked up the first three. I'll check out another WM tomorrow.

    I just checked dvdpricesearch and their best price for Blind Date was $19.14 - I wonder if WM made a mistake on that title?

    There are 2 Repli-kate DVDs:

    National Lampoon's Repli-Kate 9.99 MSRP

    and Repli-kate: Special Edition 24.95 MSRP

    I have no idea if they are 2 different movies(i don't think they are) but they both have Eugene Levy and Ali Landry in them.
  18. Casey Trowbridg

    Casey Trowbridg Lead Actor

    Apr 22, 2003
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    I'm going to go to Wal*mart later this week if everything works out alright and I'm going to hunt for Titan A.E it has been on my want list for a long time now.
  19. Xenia Stathakopoulou

    Xenia Stathakopoulou Cinematographer

    Apr 25, 2003
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    Wow Chet !The pickup artist 3 weeks before street date , and in the 5.88 bin to boot !I hope i get that lucky to find it next time i make a trip to my wal mart.[​IMG]
  20. Shawn_KE

    Shawn_KE Screenwriter

    Nov 25, 2003
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    My local walmart's 5.88 bin has Price's Last Man On Earth and Night of the Living Dead. The NOTLD is in a "hollywood classics" packaging. Does anyone know if this is a widescreen version?

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