The one thing I truly miss about Laser Disc...

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    ...the great cover art! DVD is great, but for lavish and beautiful cover and jacket art, it can't hold a candle to LD. It can try, the Pearl Harbor vista series dvd is an outstanding example, but ultimately the cases for dvd's are just way too small to fit all the great visuals that LD's used to feature.
    The only big LD box set I ever had was the Toy Story box set and it was incredible! I appreciate the fact that Disney kept the look of the 'TS' LD box set when they designed the box for the Ultimate Toy Box dvd's, but it's just not the same. I think the closest i've seen to an LD caliber dvd box set was the Jurassic Park and The Lost World box set with the T-Rex gate fold.
    Look at the Star Wars Trilogy Box Set, it's so massive that it holds, not a 20 page booklet, but an entire full size hard bound book! [​IMG] That's style.
    Don't misunderstand me, I love some of the cases dvd's come in, the case for Mouln Rouge is probably my favorite with the Evil Dead the Book of the Dead coming in second.
    I just miss the fabulous artwork that used to go into the LD jackets.
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    It's just like vinyl records: the artwork was generally rich, and of course, large. Neil Young's 1974 masterpiece, On The Beach is yet to be released on CD, and the bootltlegs that are available will show you that decreasing the size of the artwork is a bad idea, as the cover has a newspaper from the day saying, "Senator Buckley Calls For Nixon To Resign", but it's so small on CD, that you can barely read it. [​IMG]
    Laserdiscs were almost as big as 35mm reels of film, and the disc change-overs made you feel like a projectionist... not! [​IMG]
    Happy days! [​IMG]
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    My brother had a beautiful LP album of "Jan and Dean's Anthology". Consisted of 4-5 pages and beautiful artwork/photos on all the covers.
    They put all that great stuff on a can't read "NOTHING"! [​IMG]
    That's why the laser box sets and gatefolds are so special and great looking. Glad I kept mine![​IMG]

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