The [New] Outer Limits - Cut or Uncut?

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    Apologies for a very slightly misleading and sensationalist header!
    I believe that many episodes of the 'new' Outer Limits series exist in two formats: one version features nudity, 'bad' language and more gratuitous violence (perhaps for cable TV screening?); the other uses alternate takes and other techniques to produce a 'tamer' version, (perhaps for network screening?)
    Since one of the new compilations is the Sex & Science Fiction Collection, I trust that they're using the uncensored versions - but does anyone know for certain?
    I know MGM are generally very good at wheedling out uncut and unrated versions of their movies, but some of the VHS releases here in the UK used the tame versions, even though the uncut episodes have aired here on network televsion.
    Am I the only person that's looking forward to these discs? Much as I love the classic B&W series, the new series has frequently been excellent: many of the new episodes rival even the best episodes of the original series!
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    Joseph DeMartino
    I believe The New Outer Limits (except for the most recent season or two) was originally broadcast on Showtime. The language and nudity were part of the original presentation. Alternate shots and dialogue were created to "protect" the shows for broadcast or basic cable syndication.
    I haven't been able to find anything about which version of these shows will be included on DVD. I certainly hope it is the original cable version, and not the bowdlerized syndication version.
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    Perhaps Brian W can enlighted us, as he works at the place that worked on these discs. He worked on the original series discs, but perhaps he can ask a coworker if any nudity was noticed.

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