The new kid on the block! "Integra DTC-9.4"

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Jerry Klawiter, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Jerry Klawiter

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    Dec 3, 2000
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    Yesterday I spent nearly five hours auditioning several speaker lines using a Krell HTS 7.1 with a PLINIUS Odeon amp.
    The speaker auditions went very well.
    Near the end my dealer pull out one of the new Integra DTC-9.4 THX Ultra2 Certified preamplifier/processor/tuner.
    OMG! this thing has a msrp of $2k with a very attractive street price. First this comes with a Rf CHAD remote, The DTC-9.4 is totally loaded with all of the latest features, dts 24/96 included the new Dolby headphone & balanced outs!
    One of the very useful features I found was the Netune.
    You can interface the DTC-9.4 into your home network & server it music from any computer within the network, Even access any Internet radio-stations.
    Now for the sound, In comparison to the Krell HTS 7.1,
    the Krell was better, imo the 7.1 was a bit more open & airy in sound. Not by a huge margin with my very limited audition, This Integra DTC-9.4 held it's own very well.
    So much so I need to go back & get one for a home audition & compare it to my B&K Ref 50. I only wish we spent more time with the Integra yesterday, My main objective of the day was not to A/B'ing of processors but rather speakers, hence the reason to feed both from the Krell 7.1 with a PLINIUS Odeon amp.
    I don't have much to add at this point until I get this piece home for a personal workout.
    One other pleasant surprise I found was B&K had some remaining Reference 7250 series II amp inventory from the switch over to the new Reference 200.5 amp, They made a few modifications & changes to better match these amps to the current Ref50 line.
    They now have the same cool blue led's & a fantastic street price for this limited release. All in all this was a day that my wife & wallet could only hate, The best part is my dealer is just a few short miles from home. [​IMG]

    Personally I feel this Integra DTC-9.4 will be the next Infocus X1 dlp pj when you compare price performance & features,
    A lot of bang for the $. Without any chance of rainbows!
  2. Trevor_J

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    Jan 8, 2001
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    An impressive list of features to say the least. Almost makes me want to sell my Rotel. Of course I'd have to evaluate it in my home first. I wonder what the Canadian MSRP is.....
  3. Kevin C Brown

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    Aug 3, 2000
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    If you do a search, there have been some other threads on the Integra. I found out a few items from a rep: uses a Fujitsu DSP chip. Kind of unproven at this point, and it only has global crossovers (not individual), but it does have Wolfson DACs, which is a very high quality brand. Any news about software upgradeability?
  4. Jerry Klawiter

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    Dec 3, 2000
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    Sorry I have not taken the time to get back to add onto this Integra thread. After a spending some time with the Integra I found that the sound is very detailed with a very, very slight compressed presentation. It's also just a tad more forward in sound in comparison to the Ref50, not as laid-back like the B&K.
    I do not mean bright or harsh, as these are NEGATIVE worthless audio phrases that do not represent what I found with the Integra 9.4.
    Forward may not even be the correct term, I'll just say the B&K sound is more of a fluid sound in nature, it just kind of flows, whereas the Integra is very detailed without the extra soft presence.

    I used my Mirage OM-5 main speakers for the two channel & OM-C2 center with OM-R2 surrounds & backs.
    The HT 5.1 / 7.1 is fantastic, right up with other processors in the $3k-$4k price. In HT, I can't say one is better than the other, An A/B with two main speakers is a job in its own right, I was not about to do any further HT comparisons, I'll just say when that DVD starts, the 9.4 makes it's presence known in a subtle professional HT way. [​IMG]
    This 9.4 should be on anyone's short list if your looking at the Outlaw or its clones. "it's well worth a few more months savings."
    The Integra has a lot to offer at its given price, the up-sampling is very nice, but the usability of this nice feature is troubling, to engage this you must go into the setup menu, but once engaged it's always on for all inputs, it would have been nice to see an on/off to this feature outside the setup menu.
    I very well may have missed some of the operational points, My hands on time was limited, The learning curve for most products can take several weeks to iron out.
    The chad remote is very nice, I personally would move a few of the pages and make some adjustments to the Integra screen layout of the remote.
    Again, this can be done since it's just like a pronto remote, but with an rf
    option. I am biased, once a user has had the opportunity to play with the B&K & Windows B&K software Suite, this makes the B&K the one to beat for usability. imo
    The B&K presets are still to die for. I have nothing really negative to say about the Integra 9.4, it's a fantastic processor & offers much more than anything in its price. There are very few processors that have the preset features of the B&K. Keep in mind with that chad remote you could set up commands to work like full blown presets in a macro's.
    When I demoed this Integra it was with my Mirage OM-5 speakers & not the same $30K Dynaudio Temptation speakers at my dealer's place with his $10K PLINIUS Odeon amp.
    But this fact speaks volumes, those two components are very revealing,
    If the Integra 9.4 sonics sounds good with these, it can't be all bad.

    The Net Tune is very nice for the person that wants to stream audio from a computer network or the Internet.

    I'm not a professional reviewer, as you can see and I won't even try to pretend, so my comments are intentionally vague to a point.
    I will not try to go into deep details, as anything I say would be very subjective in nature.
    But if anyone has a particular question to ask feel free, I'll do my best to answer.

    Yes, it up-coverts composite to s video.
    Component inputs to component outputs only, No up-conversion.
    Not many have this option, I also noticed that the menu system is
    output to svideo only like most processors.
    So you would still need to run an svideo & component cable to your display.

    Would I trade my Ref50 for the 9.4? I would not at this time,
    Not because of the 9.4 sonics, the 9.4 hold it's own very well here.
    I have come to love the features of the B&K presets & the interface software.
    Now if B&K could also offer a few of the Integra features [​IMG]

    If you get the chance give this 9.4 an audition, it's a very worthy contender in the market place well worth it's retail price & it may even surprise you in your own head to head with processors several times it msrp [​IMG]
    If the Integra is on your short list & you want more detailed information on a particular subject, I'm also available via email or even the phone.
    I'm just the average Joe six pack willing to help out.

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