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    I found it at a local B&M store, but I almost passed by it.
    The only difference on the snapper from the old one is a red band around the cover art, and in Warner's standard small print, stating widescreen only, and dual layered. There is no mention of special edition/Whiz-Bang series or whatever. It would be easy to pass this one up, if you weren't looking for it.[​IMG]
    Inside is an all new transfer. I took out my old one, just to see the difference, and the opening titles are more stable, and some scratches have been cleaned up. I really couldn't tell if the soundtrack is better or not, since I live on a busy street, and had the windows open.
    The assistant director on screen flub has been removed from the train wreck scene in this version. So, if you like the mistake, you should keep your original handy. I never noticed him until he was mentioned in the documentary "Anatomy of a train wreck". Another 20 minute doc..."On the Run" is also included. I haven't listened to Davis' commentary yet.
    So look just might miss it! [​IMG]
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    This one came out on DVD over a year ago and like you said, can be distinguished from the first DVD by the red border on the front cover.
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    Still haven't taken mine (SE replacement) out of the wrapper since the first week it came out. What the heck is wrong with me???[​IMG]

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